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July 26, 2015

Marco Dawson


Q. What does it mean to you to win the Senior Open Championship?
MARCO DAWSON: It means that, you know, most of the work that you put in, this lifeblood that you put into all work that goes through the years, comes to fruition in a tournament like this. This is unbelievable. Can't tell you how many hours I put in on the range, and I've had two back surgeries to prove it. So I've spent a lot of time on the range and on the putting green over the years, and you know, it's a little later than most of the guys, but it came true.

Q. I take it, it's been a long trek to get here but life began after 50, didn't it?
MARCO DAWSON: Yeah, it sure did. I had a lot of fun last year. I wasn't expecting a lot but things started to happen and I started getting more and more confident. And then this year, I won earlier this year, which gave me a lot of confidence so far through the rest of the season, and you know, when I got to this point two days ago and I had a good first round and a good second, I thought, okay, maybe this is going to happen again, we'll just keep on making the swings and try and make the putts. That's what it comes down to. I just made one more putt than Bernhard.

Q. The manner of that victory, that one more putt was a terrific one at the last, plus the eagle you made on the back nine, as well?
MARCO DAWSON: Yeah, that 3-wood was probably one of the best 3-woods that I've ever hit. It was misty, raining and I could barely see the green or the flag. I remember I glanced at it and went ahead and said, I've got to rip this. So I went ahead and made the swing, and I looked up, it was right on the target line, right in the middle of the green and just so happened to be the right distance. That worked out good.

Q. Are you proud of your demeanor, your confidence?
MARCO DAWSON: Years ago I used to beat myself up when I hit a poor shot. I've seen a number of guys, when they win, they don't play perfect. They hit some poor shots but they end up making up for it and they keep the right mind frame. So I figured I would give that a try instead of beating myself up, and it seems to work better. Less stress.

Q. You're now in The Open Championship at Royal Troon for the first time.
MARCO DAWSON: Isn't that nice. So I'll be here two weeks next year. Great. I love that. I love the way the game is played over here. I love that you can play it on the ground, in the air. There's so many options, so many more options than we have in the States. Most of the play over there is in the air. Unfortunately it was wet this week. The first two days was very bouncy and you see a lot of balls run a lot. It's a lot of fun playing golf like that.

Q. The fact that it was a three-ball and the pressure was on Monty and longer, were you able to just do your own thing?
MARCO DAWSON: Sometimes it helps. I understand why they did it because they were trying to get everybody done. Yeah, you know what, I think threesomes are better for the crowd because they get to see more players at one time. And you know, it's more concentrated, the field, instead of somebody teeing off at 7.30 and the next guy 2.20. It could be raining all morning or not, vice versa. So it could be a totally different golf course for me. So we're bunched closer together and it's, for lack of better words, it's a little more fair.
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