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July 25, 2015

Jason Day


Q. What a battle back, when you made that double at 11 I'm thinking, okay, he's out of gas, been a long week. Talk about your finish today?
JASON DAY: I think six out of the last seven birdies. It was phenomenal to get that round going. Definitely helped having a little bit of a break, talking to Erik and the guys on the 12 tee, especially after the bogey. Bogey start on the backside. And I mean it just kind of -- I hit it a great shot into 12, and from there I kept on hitting nice drives and putting myself into position to make birdies, and then on top of it, 16 and 18, if you're not birdieing those holes (inaudible) it almost feels like bogey. So I'm trying to play them like a par-4 and fortunately for me I birdied those two in and got rolling (inaudible).

Q. Being in the mix in so many of the big tournaments, does that help in a situation like that where you're saying, okay, that's a bogey, double bogey, but I know what I can do. I know I have some holes I can make birdies?
JASON DAY: It's hard, because being in the situations like you said, it's easy to kind of say, ah, I've had a long week last week; I can just kind of pack it in a little bit. But I'm not going to stop firing until the second set of holes is done. I have a week off next week. So I've got five hours to play and 19 hours to rest. So I'm going to suck it up and just get out there and try and fight the best I can and get the best score possible, try and set myself up for an opportunity at winning the tournament tomorrow.

Q. And the leader -- there's just so many up on the top of the leaderboard in double digits. The wind is supposed to be down tomorrow, so what do you think?
JASON DAY: Well, the greens were a lot softer today, surprisingly softer, a little bit slower. It kind of took me by surprise early on. But I can understand with how strong the winds were going to be today. So they reacted to that. Did a good job. But I think with slightly lower winds, I think the scoring opportunity is going to be, it's definitely going to be up there. So we'll have to chase it. There's nothing there where you can kind of defend your lead or, say, for instance, David Hearn is three shots atop the leaderboard right now. He's going to have to keep it moving forward because there's guys like myself and Bubba and guys behind me that are chasing (inaudible).

Q. You finished six out of seven birdies in your last seven holes and you finished four in a row. How pleased are you with the way you rallied?
JASON DAY: Very pleased. Obviously with bogeying the 10th and double bogeying the 11th, I was just glad that I had time to sit and talk to Erik and the guys on the 12th tee. But it just got me relaxed a little bit. And obviously I know that I'm not going to quit until the 72nd hole is done. To get a run like that was great. It puts you back in the tournament. It gives you an opportunity maybe chasing the lead down tomorrow. And with the slightly lower winds tomorrow I think the scoring opportunity is going to be there. So we're going to chase them down.

Q. You mentioned that the golf course kind of took you by surprise. How so, and do you expect the same thing tomorrow?
JASON DAY: I guess I didn't really expect the greens to be that soft and slow, slower, not slow on the front side. It took me by surprise a little bit. And I tried to plan accordingly. But obviously I can understand with how strong the winds were today. It's tough. It's tough, because the winds get going and the holes are rolling (inaudible) and stuff. And I can understand that. But definitely going to be a lot faster, hopefully a lot faster tomorrow, and the wind tomorrow, and the scoring opportunity is going to be there.

Q. After a short turnaround put yourself into a great position heading into Sunday. How do you like this position; how excited are you about it?
JASON DAY: I feel good. It's good to be back in contention especially after last week. And I'm doing every bit I can to possibly go out and win the tournament tomorrow. So it's going to be an exciting challenge. There's going to be a lot of guys that are shooting low scores. So I have to do the same and stay rested.

Q. Solid?
JASON DAY: More a speed bump. Almost crashed into the wall. Bogeyed on 10 and double bogey on 11. Was a little unfortunate. I was right there. I was getting frustrated, I would just say that. And to be able to have a little bit of a break on 12, because it's a bit of a hold-up on 12 with guys playing that hole, too. It was a very tough hole today. To be able to talk to Erik and the guys and just relax a little bit, let the steam get out of me definitely helped. And then obviously the six out of the last seven holes to birdie those was kind of a dream really to get yourself back in the tournament.

Q. You know what's happening tomorrow with the Canadian at the top of this leaderboard. Will that change anything for you?
JASON DAY: No. It's definitely not going to change anything. I know that the winds are going to be down -- a lot lower than what they are today. So the scoring opportunity is going to be there. You saw the scores today. Even though with tough conditions a lot of 60s, a lot of guys shooting in the 60s, so we have to go out and chase that lead down. You can't go out there and defend that lead, and there's guys like myself and Bubba and guys behind me that are chasing that lead. And you have to stay aggressive.

Q. As a fan, though, fan hat on, do you see what's going on with David and what the fans out here want?
JASON DAY: Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean obviously it would be great to see a Canadian win, but I'm going to do my best to try to spoil that. And we're all out here to try and win a golf tournament. And it's just exciting to be back in contention, especially after last week and coming here. I mean, the fans, I feel like a Canadian after being out there and the fans being so supportive. I'm just excited about the challenge.

Q. Do you feel you're in a better spot because you contended or maybe a worst spot because you're more fatigued than these guys?
JASON DAY: I feel pretty good. I rested up pretty well coming into this week. And overall my body feels good. My mind feels pretty good as well. So tomorrow I'm excited about getting into contention again and hopefully give myself a shot at winning.

Q. Would you rather be in the final group than the guy who is trying to win his first PGA Tour event?
JASON DAY: Either or. I'm fine with being in the last group or second to last. Just somewhere around the lead is good enough for me. So it's going to be exciting, regardless. I know there's going to be a lot of people out watching David tomorrow, a Canadian. Would expect that. And I think tomorrow's going to be a very, very exciting finish with how all these holes play, especially on the backside, the par 5s, 16, 17 and 18 -- it's such scoring opportunities, which is very exciting, not only for us, but for the fans.

Q. Can you think of something in your career, Jason, that David is going to face tomorrow, the tournaments you played that much at stake, home fans?
JASON DAY: Not really. It's something where he has to kind of put that out of his head. The ball doesn't know what tournament it is. He does, unfortunately. He's just got to go out, stick to his process. Unfortunately, there's a lot of guys trying to win as well and trying to win for the first time. So it's going to be tough for him. But it's going to be tough for everyone.
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