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July 25, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q. Seemed like the round for you today is a bit of a pedestrian round after the first 14 or so holes. Birdied four of the last five, got right into contention. What was the difference? Did you just feel something click?
JIM FURYK: I think early on I had some opportunities to make some birdies and wasn't able to make the putts. Hit a lot of good putts but didn't see much go in early. Then I had a stretch through that 9, 10, 11, 12 where I could've made some bogeys and was able to save par four holes in a row and kind of kept the round going and then was able to knock some putts in down the stretch. Good putts at 14, 16 and 17 and almost a make there for eagle at 18. I hit the ball pretty well down the stretch and really I think the difference was seeing some putts go in.

Q. How did the wind compare today? Was it a little more gusty today compared to the first two days?
JIM FURYK: I think maybe the speed changed throughout the day a little bit. But similar direction to yesterday. The golf course played -- having an afternoon round yesterday and having the wind in the same direction, it played very similar. So club selection maybe off the tees and that was a little easier.

Q. Going into tomorrow you have a chance now to win a third Canadian Open on a third different course. What is it about Canada that seems to --
JIM FURYK: I have no answer for you. We'll see. Right now at 11-under par -- going in at 11-under par I could still be five to six shots back by the end of the day. With the finish at 16 and 18 you could see a bunch of birdies and some eagles. I expect -- I could be at 20th place by the end of the day. I need a good round tomorrow.

Q. I don't think you'll be at 20.
JIM FURYK: Where was I when I finished?

Q. I think you got to T3. Second.
JIM FURYK: At 11-under?

Q. How are you feeling now?
JIM FURYK: So David is at 14 and no one in between us?

Q. There's like five.
JIM FURYK: Really? No way. I don't trust them. So the guys that were --

Q. A bunch fell off the pace.
JIM FURYK: Actually really surprised by that.

Q. Hearn and Bubba. I think you're right there. I think Bubba was at 11 the last I checked.
JIM FURYK: And what are they, like early in the back nine?

Q. Midway. Bubba is coming in. He's on 17.
JIM FURYK: 12:24. They played an hour and fifteen. They probably have an hour of golf. Probably four holes. Some birdies down the stretch on the last four. T6. But that's through 17.

Q. Tied for second.
JIM FURYK: Possible.

Q. A little closer than you thought?
JIM FURYK: A little closer than I thought. It's not updated either. I still don't trust you, to be honest with you. Rule number one: Never trust the media.
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