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July 25, 2015

Ollie Schniederjans


Q. A lot of fans know your name now based on what you did last week?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, it's been really cool. I've had tons of people come up to me and say "great playing last week," "really fun to watch." Been really nice having a lot of support. Seems like everyone knows who I am. And that's pretty cool, I think. Last week was great for my exposure and a great experience. And I'm thrilled to be there on Sunday in a major and playing some good golf. So it's been a lot of fun.

Q. Big question, I want to know, tomorrow you get your first check as a pro. What are you spending it on?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: I'll just be saving now. I have a lot of golfing and a lot of traveling stuff.

Q. Ollie, you've had quite a few big weeks the last couple of weeks. How does it feel being in your first pro tournament as opposed to teeing it up as an amateur?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Well, it's been a long time coming. I've been excited for it for a while. But it feels like a surreal feeling. After playing a couple majors, getting used to this atmosphere, playing around a lot of people, and I feel very comfortable in the scene. And I'm thrilled to be playing well and excited that this was my first week.

Q. You've had a terrific amateur career. You expect to let this spill over as a professional, or how do you look at it?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, I think I intend to be very competitive at the next level as I was in junior golf and amateur golf. And there's a lot of great players up here. So just trying to -- I know that if I play to my capability, that I'll be competitive at any level. And I'm excited just to try to do that.

Q. Lately there's been -- the amateurs have done well in some pretty big events, including the two Opens. Do you think there's a closing of the gap between professional and the top amateurs now?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, I think that we've seen that over the last couple of years. And what Jordan's done has been amazing. And you've got Justin Thomas playing great and Dan Berger, and there's a lot of us that have transitioned pretty easily. I think it's just a testament to how great the NCAA golf is now and how difficult they set up the golf courses. And we play against -- play all over the country, learn to travel and handle with your stuff. And you're certainly more prepared for this, I think, than ever before.

Q. When Spieth does something at his age, close to your age, does that also give you confidence to do what you've done so far?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, I think so for sure. Everybody's path's different. But competing against him as a junior golfer and college golfer, you kind of know that you belong right there with him. At least you're going to do everything you can to do that. What he's done is amazing. He's very special, what he's accomplished. But it definitely gives you some comfort that you belong out here. I think sometimes the first time you play in these events you feel really young, at least I have, just being 21, 22. But he's a two-time major champion and he's 21. So you kind of feel like all right, you're ready to be professional by the time you're 21, 22.

Q. Where does your confidence come from?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: I don't know. I'm just comfortable with who I am and I'm secure with how I feel about myself. And I just do the best I can and certainly have always been competitive and just believe.

Q. And you play without a hat. What's with no hat?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: I stopped wearing a hat when I quit baseball when I was 12. I never liked wearing a hat. And it's just me doing me, and I'm comfortable with it. And I don't feel like changing a whole lot because I'm professional. I like how I feel and look, and I haven't worn a hat since I was 12, so I didn't feel like throwing one on right now.
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