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July 25, 2015

Adam Hadwin


Q. Pretty good round for you today. Seven birdies on the round. What was working for you?
ADAM HADWIN: Again, I think the biggest thing has been my short game, my putting all week. I haven't struck it extremely well or at least up to my standards just yet. But I've got it around the golf course, got it up-and-down when I needed to. I've made a lot of good putts for par this week a lot of 8-, 10-footers to keep momentum going, and taking advantage when I got the good shots.

Q. I saw you coming in, you went in the sand on 16 and 18, but it looked like no problem for you whatsoever, both leading to birdies. How critical has been your short game?
ADAM HADWIN: It's been huge. I haven't struck it as well as I would have liked to, but I'm getting it up-and-down everywhere, especially in the sand. Doing really well. And, again, just making the putts when I need to. And that's definitely keeping me in it so far.

Q. Six Canadians making the cut here this week. Could have been seven if Graham stayed healthy. What does that mean to you that there's so many Canadians? Probably not so much pressure on you to be the guy?
ADAM HADWIN: No, we've got such a great group of young talent here in Canada. And they're showing their stuff and they're playing well. And you look at Adam Svensson and Austin Connelly right now. They're having great events. And of course, David Hearn right there at the top. I'm just out there doing my thing, and we've got great crowd support this whole week. When you're struggling a little bit they're right there to help push you back to get the momentum going.

Q. Great day, but what a finish, gutsy finish. 8, 9-footer on 14. Walk us through the last four holes. That was gutsy.
ADAM HADWIN: I hit it over the back of 13 in a really bad position, chipped it down the hill. Good two-putt just to save bogey and I was really frustrated with myself. I hit two good shots into 14. Was down in the swell and I'm not sure what happened, what I was thinking, but came about nine feet short from 30 feet, and really had to take a moment and rolled that one in to kind of keep everything going. And hit six feet on 15 and made that, kind of walked it in, great putt. Went to 16, hit a good drive. It was kind of on the down slope in the first cut and had really no chance to go at any sort of spin. My caddie, Joe, and I decided that hitting it in the front bunker would give us the best opportunity to get up-and-down. Which we did. We actually executed a perfect shot into the bunker which most people are surprised at. And we did. We got it up-and-down and hit to three feet and made that -- and incredible 15-, 20-footer on 17 for par. Hit a great drive and just misjudged the wind completely, came up short, plugged in the front bunker. Was able to give myself a chance for par. Rolled it in, perfect speed. Another huge momentum putt. And then hit it in the back left bunker there on 18. Delicate little shot, but the way the fringes are playing, pretty firm this week. I knew all I needed to do was kind of get it maybe even a yard short of the green and it was going to run out, and nipped it perfectly, exactly what I did and it rolled down to three feet.

Q. Got yourself back in the tournament in great position for tomorrow. Winds are swirling, they're gustier this week than we've seen all week, are there warning signs this afternoon where people may be doing some guessing?
ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, you get down on the bottom holes, kind of 11 through 15, it can throw you for loops. And you can really lose your mind, guessing wrong and doing the opposite of what you were thinking. You're going to have to stay patient and kind of commit to a club and a line and if it doesn't work out then sort of accept it, move on and do your best to make a par. It's definitely swirling and I was able to pick some right clubs at right times
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