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July 25, 2015

Adam Svensson


Q. Kind of a unique day out there today going out there by yourself. How did you feel? Was it weird or were you just another round of golf?
ADAM SVENSSON: It was a little bit weird the first couple of holes. But kind of got used to it. Just had a good rhythm all day and got off to a pretty good start. So I was pretty happy.

Q. Was there an offer for you to play with a mark, a marker today or was it always going to be you by yourself?
ADAM SVENSSON: No, I wasn't offered so I was just by myself.

Q. How did you feel the golf course was playing first one off but came in with a pretty good score and moved up the leaderboard as well?
ADAM SVENSSON: Yeah, the conditions were a little bit softer which was nice. The wind was down and, you know, the first player on the greens it's kind of nice. It's not bumpy and stuff. It was a really fun day.

Q. Pretty much for the rest of the day you kind of see where things end out and take advantage of tomorrow just try to move up the leaderboard again come Sunday?
ADAM SVENSSON: Yes, exactly just try to shoot a low number and see where it takes me.

Q. Have you ever played by yourself before like that?
ADAM SVENSSON: No, I haven't. First time.

Q. At any level?
ADAM SVENSSON: No. I mean practice, but it's not the same in a tournament. Kind of just -- you kind of get used to it a little bit. First couple of holes, it's just like, I don't know, it's kind of weird.

Q. Especially at seven in the morning?
ADAM SVENSSON: Exactly. I'm pretty much sleeping. But it was fun. It was fast, too, which I like.

Q. I don't think you're going to have that problem tomorrow. I think we've got significant --

Q. You'll have somebody to play with tomorrow?
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