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July 25, 2015

Marco Dawson


Q. A second round of 3-under par putts you on top of the leaderboard, full of the stars of the senior game. How good does that feel?
MARCO DAWSON: It's nice. It's only the halfway point. We had a bit of a delay, so it kind of throws things out of whack a little bit. We still have another -- try to get as much as we can in today. We still have another two rounds. But yeah, it's nice.

Q. Any particular aspect of your game this week that's been firing this week?
MARCO DAWSON: Lately it's been -- well, even though my stats don't show, I'm driving the ball well. I feel like I'm driving the ball well but I'm putting well. I'm making a lot of putts. I had a 3-putt back there but it was on the par 5, and it was just, you know, a miss-read. But overall, I've been putting well so far this week.

Q. You teed off at 9.50 this morning and as you said it's a long day and we'll be playing till dusk. What's the biggest challenge of a day like that?
MARCO DAWSON: You just try not to get too fatigued. Keep eating and keep drinking water. It's just going to be a long day. You're going to hit some good shots and bad shots but don't try to beat yourself up. It's a long day.

Q. You talk about fatigue. I read in your notes that you've always wanted to be a Navy SEAL, or do the training. Tell us about that.
MARCO DAWSON: I don't think that was me. I'm not sure that was me. I don't remember that. But yeah, it would be interesting to go through the programme, anyway, because it seems like it's just a treacherous programme; if you do get through it, you have to feel great after you get out of it.

Q. In 400 events on the PGA Tour, you did everything but win and had a successful career. You then won on the Champions Tour this year in March. How special was that?
MARCO DAWSON: It was nice. During the years, I never really had everything come together like I did this year. Early on in my career, I struggled with putting. Struggled with driving. And now in the last six or seven years, I've been driving extremely well and last year I started putting well. My short game has always been pretty good and my irons have been good, so everything is starting to come together this year. So it was a lot of fun. It's just fun to go out and play and not have to worry about, am I going to hit it this way or that way. Now it becomes just a management game, what do I hit, where do I position myself on the green in the fairway and stuff like that. So it's a different mind-set now.
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