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July 25, 2015

Bernhard Langer


Q. Second round of 2-under par, and you told us after the first round you were not completely happy with the way you were swinging. How do you feel now?
BERNHARD LANGER: Actually I was playing better. Hit the ball I thought better and just missed three or four short putts. I don't think they were able to cut the greens with all the water that was standing on them this morning and so they got a little slow, and I left a lot of putts short. They don't go in when you leave them short.

Q. How different a challenge is the golf course now to the firm, fiery one you played in round one?
BERNHARD LANGER: It's totally different. The wind is opposite or different from what it was and it's not fiery anymore. It's much longer and the ball digs in a little bit more. The wind was up 15, 20 miles an hour at times. So it was a bit more of a challenge I thought.

Q. The leaderboard is exciting to us, obviously Freddie Couples up there, Miguel, Monty is up there. Your thoughts on the remaining two rounds with such illustrious company up at the top?
BERNHARD LANGER: It should be exciting the last two rounds. When you have a good venue like this, it's usually the creme rises to the top, as they say and you have got a great leaderboard at this point. I think that might continue as the tournament goes on.

Q. I was looking at your record on both tours earlier today, European Tour you won 42 times and 28,000 Euros an average prize for you in every tournament and on the Champions Tour, you're averaging over a $100,000 a tournament; in your career, $16 million. Are you amazed at the rewards available to you at this age?
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, it is amazing. But on the other hand, I've played amazing golf the last seven, eight years. I won the Money List six or seven times out of eight, or six out of seven and just played really consistent golf and got up in the top three very often. That's where the money is. If you don't finish in the Top-10, it's hard to make a living finishing 30s out here or 40th. But it is a wonderful second career in a sense to play, especially on the Champions Tour. It's a great tour. Lots of wonderful legends in the game and champions that won majors and other events. I really enjoy it. I love it.
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