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July 25, 2015

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Thoughts on a long and disrupted second round?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, it was difficult out there. It certainly was. I felt for Langer in the clubhouse, I really did. I felt for him. It was dry and warm. (Laughs). But out there, it was horrible. It was ugly and horrible and wet and damp and the course was changing. Every second it was changing. We have played practise rounds and Pro-Am on the first day whereof course the ball was running on and it was fiery. Now it's a whole different ballgame. You know, it's another two clubs longer because it's colder and damp, and it's a difficult golf course. The first 12 holes there were miserable yesterday. It didn't let up of course, everyone's saying the same. And this morning you come out and it's cold and windy and of course the course is different. It's like playing two different rounds really. But glad I got in okay. Glad I got unscathed today. I wanted to come in 1-under from 13 in and I did that. Yesterday, for instance, the last hole, was a 3-wood wedge. Today, driver, 4-iron. It's a different golf course, completely different golf course, and a good one. A good one. A really tough test. With the wind blowing now, the breeze up, it will be an even tougher test this afternoon.

Q. As a result, do you feel hugely frustrated to get the wrong side of the draw or will time tell and in a nice position?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It depends. I don't know whether it was right or wrong, if the wind springs up, as it's forecast to do, it will be a difficult golf course. I've made inroads. I made inroads. I said, let's hope my 67 the first day was the worst score of the week and hopefully it's proving that. I need a couple of good scores, I know I do. There's a bunch of good players that shot 5-under there out there the first day, and they are going to do something. I've just got to make inroads this evening and of course tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. But it's a long week, another one, another R&A week that has been disrupted terribly by the weather, by the good British summer. Shame.

Q. There is an upside. You're the one in the dry and the warm for this afternoon.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: True. I just have to come back again, I don't know, we'll be playing about 5.30, 6.00 or something, we'll play, what, 12 holes again I suppose and look forward to that obviously, whoever we're playing with and try and get a few birdies.
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