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July 24, 2015

David Williams


Q. Play suspended at 1.00, since then you've been studying the weather forecast and assessing the golf course. What decision have you come to?
DAVID WILLIAMS: There will be no more play today. We will restart tomorrow morning at 8.00 all over the golf course. We have been looking at the weather forecast and we're giving it a little bit of a chance but basically, it's stayed how it was and it's deteriorating for the afternoon, and the course is getting more and more flooded. The forecast, there's no chance of improving whatsoever to get out again today.

Q. Only ten groups have managed to finish so far their second round and you mentioned starting at 8.00. What are the knock-on consequences for tomorrow?
DAVID WILLIAMS: The plan will be to finish tomorrow, finish round two tomorrow and start round three. All going well, start round three on a two-tee start. All going well, we'll have probably maybe an hour or so play left of round three tomorrow. And we'll finish that up on Sunday morning and then probably go three-balls off one tee and finish -- we'll get back on track really and finish when we're meant to.

Q. What is the forecast saying for tomorrow?
DAVID WILLIAMS: The forecast isn't too bad tomorrow. There will be a few showers through the night. It's meant to stop sort of three or four in the morning, and then obviously there will be quite a lot of work for the green keepers to do. They are going to be out there getting the water out of the bunkers, etc., etc. But. We are quite hopeful that tomorrow's forecast is pretty good, and then Sunday, there are a few showers around, but nothing like we are having here now.

Q. How much rain this morning?
DAVID WILLIAMS: I think when we had suspended play, there had been about 15 mils, and I would say since then, there's been another 15 mils, but I can't be too accurate on that. But we are expecting now and for the next hour or two, it's meant to be at its worst and that's looking true at the moment.

Q. But the course is heathland, once we get do get a dry spell, does it drain quickly?
DAVID WILLIAMS: It does drain pretty well. The bunkers will be one of the main problems, and the greenkeepers will be up at sort of three or four in the morning bailing those out.
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