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July 23, 2015

Jason Day


Q. Jason, even making the turn, then you go to 10 and you hole out from the left rough. Talk about that shot that kind of kickstarted you on the back nine?
JASON DAY: Yeah, it was 85 yards to the front. And the fairways and greens are pretty firm. So coming out of the rough I thought I've just got to land it somewhere in that front part of the green where it's kind of on the up slope. I hit a good shot. I hit it exactly where I wanted to. Obviously, I'm not expecting to hole it. But the good thing about that is I got my round up. I was a little flat during the front nine. But it wasn't so much as in swing was flat, it was just more me mentally flat because I'm missing some greens with wedges. So fortunately for me I got my round going.

Q. The 13, par-5, you've got 215. You elected to lay up. Was that an issue on the fairway with the lie? Were you between clubs?
JASON DAY: No, well, 3-iron goes 240 and the 4-iron goes 220. So I mean there is a big gap between a 3 and a 4 for me, and if I didn't quite catch it -- I know I'm not physically ready to play this week, but mentally I wasn't sharp enough. And I knew that, okay, I've just got to take my chances with the wedge shot because if I would have just caught that a little heavy or a little firm, it wouldn't have caught it that well. I would have been in the water. So I was just taking my medicine and trying to lay up. Unfortunately, I didn't really hole the putt. I hit a good wedge shot in there and didn't hole the putt.

Q. Are you happy with this based on the long week last week and what you went through mentally to come out and shoot 4-under?
JASON DAY: Yeah, I think it was kind of a scrappy 4-under I would say. The front nine was a little flat, and like I said, mentally I was just more flat mentally. I was over a shot thinking about something else. So I had to snap myself back into what I needed to do process-wise to get the shot from A to B. But fortunately once I holed that shot on 10, that kind of got my round going a little bit more. You know, I would have loved to have birdied a couple of the par-5s on the back side. But 18, I played the par-5s kind of (Indiscernible). So I'm trying to improve on that for tomorrow.

Q. How about that hole out? That was a pretty fun reaction you had too.
JASON DAY: Yeah, I was just explaining earlier that I was a little flat going through the front side. Not physically but more mentally flat just because I missed a couple holes with wedges in my hand and really shouldn't be making those mistakes. But to be able to do that and get me a little bit more excited, kind of woke me up really. It was a good shot in the end, and obviously I wasn't expecting it, but everyone was there, and I clapped my hands and got my round going, so that was good.

Q. Was the golf course today firm, fast? What did you think of it?
JASON DAY: I've never seen -- I mean, for how soft the grass is on the fairway, I've never seen the balls bounce so high. It's 333 yards on one of the holes. I think it's 6, and I hit 3-wood nearly in the water. I mean, they're bouncing and rolling pretty quickly. I think the good thing about it is it's still playable. I think the conditions are set up perfect. The greens, the course superintendent and staff is doing a phenomenal job with the course set up. Just on top of it I'm kind of pleased with how I played today, and there are definitely scoring conditions out there. So I'm glad I had a back nine the way I did.

Q. You said yesterday after the Pro-Am that you felt like you hit a bit of a wall. I guess you're feeling more energized now?
JASON DAY: After 10, yeah. I definitely hit a wall yesterday, and I kind of was struggling a little bit this morning. But my swing felt great. Just I wasn't mentally sharp this morning, and that's what I was saying where I had missed a few wedges into the green. If you're mentally sharp, you should be on top of that, and you shouldn't be missing greens with wedges in your hand. Once I holed that tough shot on 10, that kind of woke me up and I got back into the game. So for me, fortunately for me, that was a kick start.

Q. What was your yardage there coming in on 18 on that second shot?
JASON DAY: I had 124 front. It was 386 yards to run out to the water. To be honest with you, I never thought I'd run out. But if I had hit the fairway on the fly, it would have definitely gone in the water. So the balls were flying. They were flying so far today. It was a big change from last week to this week. I mean, my 8-iron last week had gone 160, and my 8-irons this week were going 175 to 180. So it was just trying to feel out how far the distances were going. Luckily enough, it feels so funny because I think you can turn those par-5s into par-4s and make it a par 70 and make it a very difficult golf course.

Q. Do you feel that if the weather stays the way it is and the course the way it is, that scoring will (Indiscernible)?
JASON DAY: No, I don't think so. It just depends how they set the course up. Obviously the scoring is going to be, I guess, attackable out there. It obviously depends on where they put the pins, but if the greens keep getting firmer and faster, that's definitely going to slow down the guys. I think the average around here is about 16-under average wins here. So I think it will slow down a little bit going in towards Saturday and Sunday. I think around 16, unless some freak of nature comes out and busts that.
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