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July 23, 2015

Graham DeLaet


Q. Tell us first of all what happened?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I don't know. On the 12th tee shot I hit a little heavy and something jammed in there, and I wasn't able to move my hand back. So at the top of my swing I would feel it, and right at impact I wasn't able to release the club so I was just kind of flaring everything out right. Super frustrating and disappointing. This tournament means a lot to me. Hopefully we can get it figured out. I was able to grind away there at the end with a couple good birdies on 16 and 18. So hopefully it feels better tomorrow and I can make some sort of run.

Q. What kind of treatment are you going to undergo?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I'm not a doctor. I don't know. I'm going to go in there and see what they think I should do. Probably some icing, get some antiinflammatories. I'm not sure.

Q. Is there any concern you have to withdraw? Is it that bad?
GRAHAM DeLAET: It doesn't hurt right now. It just hurts at certain points of my swing. I felt like today if I could fight through it and get it in around even par, which was nice to make that birdie on the last. I'm able to do that. If we get off tomorrow morning, as long as I feel healthy, if I can shoot 4 or 5-under and I can slowly creep back into this tournament.

Q. Birdies after the injury, how do you explain that?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Well, I made good putts. That's all it was. I was just trying to hit in wedges and stuff was a lot easier because I could hold the face open. There was no releasing. So I was able to hit a couple wedges, and the bunker shots were all right too because it's the same thing. You really don't release the club in a bunker shot. Like I said, obviously, the 17th hole was disappointing. It was the only one since I hurt my finger that didn't have a 50-yard cut on it. So I was aiming at the bunkers and hoping it would end up in the fairway, and hit that one kind of straight.
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