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July 23, 2015

Nick Taylor


Q. Talk about your round?
NICK TAYLOR: I'm happy with it. I got off to a really good start. Actually hit a really good shot on 18, just hit the rocks and went in the water and kind of put the round to a halt, unfortunately. But hung in there, made some good putts the next six, seven holes for par. I made a good one on my 8th hole or 17th hole for birdie to come in. So I'm happy with it. Could have been lower, but could have been higher.

Q. Do you feel like the course is getting tougher and the greens are getting firmer as your round goes on?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, the downwind holes, if you're not on the fairway, you really don't have a much of a chance to hold the green. It's getting tougher. I don't know if the wind is going to pick up, but if it doesn't did the rain it's going to get tougher and tougher. So it's a good test right now.

Q. You went out early. What was the crowd support like out there?
NICK TAYLOR: It was really good. It grew as the day went on. I teed off at 7:50, so I didn't expect many people to be out. But it's been good. I have some friends and family out here, so it's nice support out here this week.

Q. You've been in this tournament before. What is the pressure like when you actually have to tee it up and you're a Canadian in this tournament? Is it different from other venues?
NICK TAYLOR: A little bit. I think we pressure ourselves. We just really want to play well just for this tournament for the fans, being the one tournament a year in Canada. But it's nothing but support that all the fans have given us. It's more ourselves. We just want to play well for the event. But if you go to any other event, it's really the same.

Q. Do you feel there are more fans that know your story and know who you are than previously?
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I'm sure. When I wasn't on TOUR or anything, I'm sure a few more people know. But, yeah, hopefully there are people out there that know me and they'll come out and watch.

Q. How does that win affect you today?
NICK TAYLOR: The wind?

Q. Yeah. Has it given you some sort of extra confidence? Maybe a little more at ease out there?
NICK TAYLOR: The wind you said or the win?

Q. The win.
NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, definitely. If you've done it once, you know you can do it again. So it gives you confidence when you get in that situation again for sure that you can handle it and get it done. I haven't been in that situation the last few weeks. But the game feels really good just the scoring hasn't been there. Today was a little better, just need to clean up a bit.
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