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July 23, 2015

Steve Wheatcroft


Q. The greens are perfect. You went out early, weather is great. You're going to have to make a lot of putts this week if you want to win this week. Is that going to be key?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: Yeah, you have to make putts if you want to play well, no matter where you're at. But if you're out here, like I said, you can make birdies if hit it in the fairways. You get a lot of wedges as firm as it is out there. So you've got to make putts and hit it in there.

Q. 66 today, only one blemish on the card. How was the golf course responding today?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: It was good. It was good. We got out there early obviously. We were the first group out, so the greens were as good as they could possibly be. Didn't get too windy until the back nine, so we tried to get after it early. We made some birdies and attacked the holes we should have attacked.

Q. You had a top 10 at the John Deere. Missed a couple cuts before that. It seems something has clicked. What is it?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: I made some swing changes in Connecticut I guess. I was tired of hitting the ball poorly. I was on a bad run. So I was trying to tweak my swing a little bit, and do some stuff on my own, get the club in a little better position. It was kind of a work in progress for the first two weeks, that and Greenbrier. And definitely started clicking, so hitting the ball really solid and compacting a little bit better. Hitting wedges close and finally getting some putts to go.

Q. Speaking of putts, you capped off the round today with the birdie on 18. How nice is that to wrap up a round like that with a birdie?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: It's always nice. 18 is I very gettable hole right now. It's downwind. It's a hard tee shot. You have tried to get it in play. Thought I hit a good one. Just took a funny bounce and ended up in the rough. Threw it over the green, knew the bunker shot was going to be fairly easy. Had to get one for five feet. But it's always good to finish with a birdie. Makes the round taste a lot better.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: Nice to get out early, fresh greens, not too much wind. The course was really firm on Tuesday when I played. It's definitely a little softer today just being out in the morning. I'm sure it's only going to firm up more throughout the afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon for us it will be nice and firm by then too.

Q. Is this a round you've seen coming?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: Yeah, I played pretty solid at the Deere. Made a lot of birdies at the Deere. I think I made 24, 25 birdies at the Deere. So I've been making a lot of birdies. Just trying to eliminate the bogeys. I made one bad one today on a par-3. But other than that I played pretty solid. I made a good par save on 14, but other than that I was hitting a lot of greens and trying to give myself opportunities.

Q. Nice up and down for the birdie on 18 there. How much confidence did you have considering how your round was going?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: Yeah, it was going well. Like I said, I made a lot of birdies. The bunker shot wasn't too awful bad. It was a little on the down slope. Just it gets your attention for sure with water long. But it wasn't that hard a bunker shot. You just had to get it out and let it run down to the flag. I caught it a little cleaner than I wanted and put a little spin on it. But five feet, I was glad it went in.

Q. A lot of people out here. Does it feel like Thursday on a PGA TOUR?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: No, but Canada always brings the fans out. They do a great job here. This is my fourth year, I think, playing on the Canadian Open, and every time we've been here there are fans on Tuesdays, Thursdays. You name it, they're out in droves. They do a nice job every year.

Q. Does it make it sort of more exciting to play on Thursday, just get a little more pumped up with many so many people around?
STEVE WHEATCROFT: I know I like it. I like having fans out there. We're entertainers one way or the other out there. We getting to out there and try to put on a show for people, so it's nice to have a lot of people out there watching. When you hit good the shots, there are actually people out there to clap, so you know it's close, and you can tell how close it is by the roars. But, yeah, I'm sure it will keep getting busier throughout the week. Nice to have fan support out here.
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