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July 23, 2015

Tom Watson


Q. 67 has a nice ring to it, but are you happy with 67?
TOM WATSON: Well, actually I am. I got away with some kind of awkward shots on the back nine there. I played a good front nine, but I had some awkward shots, and I got the ball up-and-down pretty well today, I can't complain. It's always nice to finish with a birdie, though. I hit a really good drive and a pitching wedge that just carried the bunker. I guess that's -- I'm finding my distances are going a little shorter now. That was 119 yards and that was a full-tilt pitching wedge. I used to hit pitching wedge. With the old ball, I used to hit it 135, 138 yards in the air; no longer.

Q. We are seeing Sunningdale, a very fiery golf course, very bouncy.

Q. On 15, I think we were surprised where it ended up over the green.
TOM WATSON: That ball, I looked for the ball mark and it did land on the very front edge of the green kind of on a downslope. Just catapulted off the green. That's what you get on the old style golf courses where they have lots of these humps and bumps. But you get good breaks, too. Like No. 9, I pulled my 3-wood just left of the green there. It was on a perfect level. I didn't know that was there, probably used to be a bunch of humps and bumps, but they leveled it down and I got it up-and-down for birdie. These breaks, they even out pretty well.

Q. Out in 31, back in 36 for 67. How pleased with your play today?
TOM WATSON: Well, I got it rolling pretty well today. Hit some really good quality iron shots today, which I had not done. I didn't do that last week at The Open Championship. I hit some good shots this week. Made a little adjustment in my golf swing and seems like I'm squaring the clubface up at impact with some speed. So that's good. I drove the ball pretty well today. Didn't drive the ball very crooked at all, and I hit some quality iron shots. Made a few putts. Hit a few awkward shots but other than that, it was a good round of golf. I was thinking after 4-under on the front side, I'm thinking, my age is 65 and this is a par 70. So maybe I got a little greedy out there, I don't know.

Q. Tomorrow morning you have the opportunity to go low. The guys this morning certainly did that. How excited about that opportunity?
TOM WATSON: The golf course, when you don't have wind, you're going to have some low scores. And from what I understand, we may get some moisture. I think that would even soften up the greens a little more; and if no wind and had some moisture, some low scores.
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