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July 23, 2015

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Going well at 3-under par through ten, bogey at 11. How pleased to recover to 3-under having had that blemish?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, you know, great chance at 12, afterwards, from eight-foot and missed that. And then got to 13, 14, had a couple chances coming in. But disappointing at the 11th, and you know, my God, I've played that hole well enough, long enough, my God, you know, you can't go where I did. I just thinned a 4-iron. Unfortunately caught off the bottom of the club and I didn't get any height on it and of course didn't carry the 204 required. And then you are guessing and you're in the heather and all over the place. Disappointing obviously to double a hole, my God, because it was playing as easy as it possibly can be. But 67, we've said many times before, you can only lose it today and not win it. If that's the worst, if that's the worst score I do around here, I should be okay.

Q. You told us you have a more relaxed attitude since you've become a senior. Does that enable you to put a double-bogey like that behind you quicker than you used to?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: What are you trying to say? (Laughing).

Q. You used to not put them behind you very well (laughter).
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Very diplomatic, Tim (laughing). I think that's true. I think it is true. I think I'm more relaxed. I'm more patient, and I think over four rounds, which this is, you put that behind you. You're going to make mistakes around here, you are. It is quite bouncy. It is quite fiery and the wind swirls slightly and it does confuse the shots somehow and you are going to make mistakes. Doubles are disappointing obviously, but to put that behind -- hit a great drive down 12 and a good wedge in there to about eight-foot and I thought, okay, get on with it. I think you're right. I think I am more patient and more relaxed as a senior player.
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