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July 23, 2015

Barry Lane


BARRY LANE: Actually didn't hit a particularly good drive. Missed it, didn't hit it in middle of the club. But it went down there pretty good, and I had 218, so I had like 199 I think to the front. It was 218 yards and it was just a perfect 4-iron really to pitch it just short and let it run on. I hit a really good shot and said that looks pretty good and it just kept running and running and ran perfect as if it was a putt and just plopped in for a two. It was a bit of a shock, actually, to start your round off. You sort of are starting off, thinking, try and make a four at the first. It was a bit of a sledgehammer, really, making a two at the first. Took me a while to get going after that. But I played nicely. I only missed one green. If I had three 3-putts, or four if you call the one at the ninth but I was about ten yards off the green and I putted it. Other than that it was a nice round, really. I played lovely after that but just didn't putt particularly well. Missed a few. Made a couple of nice 10-footers for pars. Missed about five for birdie. But a couple under, you've got to take what you've got to take. I can't change it now.

Q. An albatross, you never expect them at the best of times, but the first hole, that's only happened on The European Tour once with Steve Webster. First time on the Senior Tour.
BARRY LANE: There's only ten holes in one but that was only the second albatross I've had and actually the other one was also with a 4-iron, so that was pretty good. It was strange, I have to say. If it had happened on 14 or something in the round, but it was a real sort of, wow, then you have to regroup; I'm 3-under after one. It was amazing. I've made fours on par 3s. It was amazing but good fun.

Q. And then Steve Jones has had another one on the same hole.
BARRY LANE: Now that is amazing. You can have an albatross but to have two with only 150 players on a par 5, it's amazing, and the first hole. Not bad, these old round bellies.

Q. You're not bad even with a bad thumb. What have you done with the thing?
BARRY LANE: I was changing the tire, the wheels on the car and I had my hands in the hole and lifting it on, I just went back and bent my thumb back into my arm. But that was in April so I just put the tape on joust to make sure. It's not 100 per cent but it's okay. Shot 62 the other week, so can't be that bad.
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