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July 23, 2015

Lee Janzen


Q. Thoughts on a lovely score like that to start?
LEE JANZEN: Well, I've been able to get off to a good start in my last few tournaments which certainly puts you in a position to have a good tournament. It's not the most important thing to do, but it's a lot better than getting off to a bad start, which I did two tournaments in a row in May which caused me to go home and really work on my game for two weeks. And not just the physical part of my game but just getting my head -- what am I thinking about, how do I prepare and get ready for the first day. I'm happy to get off to a good start. If I was going to grade my game, I'd like to have better speed with my long putts, and hit a few -- well, I hit a couple of the short putts I missed, I hit good putts. I was happy with the way I hit them but I missed more than 50 per cent from four to ten feet, was not good enough. But if I keep getting inside ten feet with opportunities, that's a good thing. So I just hope that I execute better on the next three days.

Q. And I take it it's nice to see the results of the hard work and see the benefits.
LEE JANZEN: Yes, it sometimes takes a long time and you wonder if you're working on the right stuff or not. So you know, you have to be willing to adjust and then you also have to be willing to be stubborn to keep after what you're doing. And it's easier when you shoot good scores to say that I'm not worried about my score, I'm just worried about executing so you don't have that pressure of trying too hard. Just when I'm hitting a full shot, this is my routine. And when I'm hitting this shot, this is my routine; and when I'm putting, this is my routine and that's all I'm trying to do is just repeat. Find something that works and repeat, that's it.

Q. And hopefully, you do it for the next three days, as well, on a course that you like; have you enjoyed what you've seen from Sunningdale?
LEE JANZEN: I have, very much. I've played a few Colt Alison courses in the States and they are all great strategy, the way he lays holes out, where the bunkering it, green sights and so on. So I've just been trying to get into the mind of a designer; why did he lay certain holes out the way he did, because I think it's good to know if you ever get into design work. I think it's fantastic all the way around. Every hole is a little different. Asks you to hit different shots all the way around.

Q. Wonderful the way it's stood the test of time.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, I looked at the scorecard today and I was really surprised to see it was that short. It's not a lot of drivers but just the same, it's not -- it just didn't strike me as a short course until I saw the scorecard.
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