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July 23, 2015

Peter O'Malley

Shane Warne


Q. Round of 68 with your great friend Warne on the bag; describe that experience?
PETER O'MALLEY: It was good. We had a fun day out there. I had two birdies and 16 pars. Nothing really exciting but there was no flair like Warne used to do. Just played conservative, lots of fairways, lots of greens, only two birdies. But it was great to have my mate out there carrying the bag and we had a lot fun.

Q. Superstar cricketer, broadcaster and now a caddying and hankering after maybe turning pro yourself in senior golf; true?
SHANE WARNE: I can dream, yeah, I'd love to. It was great fun out there. Peter struck the ball beautifully out there. It was great to watch the guys go around and play and nice to be out there with my mate. I didn't do too much really. I just carried the bag and realised they got really heavy at the end and it's quite a tough walk around Sunningdale but really good fun and thankful for the opportunity.

Q. You lived in this area for 20 years and you've obviously gone back to Australia relatively recently. How nice to be back on the old stomping ground and knowing this course as well as you do?
PETER O'MALLEY: It was great, yeah. I wish I had kept my place in Sunningdale. Would have been so easy just walking up here. But yeah, I loved it and I love playing this golf course. When I saw that Sunningdale was the Senior Open venue, I was just really looking forward to turning 50 for a change. I was really looking forward to it.

Q. Don't really want to ask a cricket question but obviously lost the first test, won the second very easy and tails are up now; do you feel like you've got it?
SHANE WARNE: I thought Australia were pretty poor in that first test and England were outstanding. But I thought they bounced back in true Aussie style, showed a lot of character in that second test match. Mitchell Johnson sent a few little scare tactics for the England dressing room again. I think it's going to be a great series, but Aussies have their tails up and will be tough to stop with this momentum.
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