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July 20, 2015

Paul Dunne


PAUL DUNNE: The first three days, yeah, for sure. The last round I don't think there's much positives to put on it, on a 78 on a final round. But I'm sure there's still stuff I can learn from it that'll be positive going forward and help me in the future.

Q. You were signing autographs beforehand. This is a huge, huge occasion. How much did that affect you if at all, that buildup beforehand with all the obligations?
PAUL DUNNE: No, it wasn't too big a deal. There's been autographs kind of every day. Just there was more this morning than usual. That really had nothing to do with it. Yeah, I just never settled into the round. I've always struggled in the rain a bit. Yeah, the conditions didn't suit me, but that's not an excuse. I should just get used to the conditions more. But no, it was just a day that my golf wasn't there, so hopefully it'll be there more in the future.

Q. The first couple of holes obviously (inaudible) was that a case where --
PAUL DUNNE: I was nervous, yeah, but nothing anything different to the last three days. But the last three days I just kind of got off to a steady start and settled into the round, and today I had a couple shots that I hadn't seen in any practice or any range sessions I've had or anything and it kind of just rattled me a little bit. I didn't really know where they came from, and yeah, I just never settled in after it.

Q. What were you thinking on the 2nd hole?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, well, the first one was way right to the 2nd. They told me when I was on the tee box just when I was walking off that they got the first one, so I was just trying to think about trying to save par, really.

Q. It was a good bogey in the end, but you got yourself back into it. Where did it slip away again?
PAUL DUNNE: Well, I gave myself some good looks going on the front after I got it back to even, and then I just didn't take any of them. I hit some good putts, hit some bad putts, just nothing dropped. Yeah, and then just fatted a wedge shot from the middle of the fairway on 10 and through a bogey away at a hole that you really should be giving yourself a birdie look. Yeah, being over par through 11, I knew it would be a real uphill battle coming in because the last few drivers, I feel like I hit driver, 2-iron, driver, 3-iron into every hole. Yeah, just disappointed to drop some shots, hit some uncharacteristic shots, but we'll look back on it the next week.

Q. That second shot that you had to hit over the burn --
PAUL DUNNE: I hit 8-iron. I thought it would be enough but obviously the wind was a little more into it and I just came up short. It wasn't a really hard shot. I hit it straight down the flag, but just came up a little short. The chip was a little heavy handed and then hit a bad putt. The hole I really should have made par on after a good break, and I just didn't take advantage of it.

Q. You were going to turn professional. What's your thinking now?
PAUL DUNNE: I haven't really been thinking about it. I've got to go tomorrow morning to a Walker Cup practice session at Lytham, so I'll just think about it for the next few days and make a decision, but right now nothing concrete.

Q. Padraig said you'll be pro for the rest of your life, Walker Cup comes along once in a lifetime. Just six weeks ago you were packing up the stuff in your room at Alabama and getting ready. If I told you you'd be going out in the final group of The Open with Louis Oosthuizen on the final day, you'd have said --
PAUL DUNNE: I probably wouldn't have believed you. Yeah, it was great. The first three days were brilliant. I'm just kind of still in disappointment from today, but yeah, what an experience. The crowds have been absolutely brilliant. So yeah, big thank you to them. Thanks for everyone to come over to support, and hopefully I can be back sometime soon.

Q. Tomorrow will be just quiet time at home?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, I have 10 days off in my schedule anyway, so just some rest. I've played a lot of golf since I've come back from America, came straight from Sweden last week. I kind of need a bit of a break after that, yeah. Once the adrenaline goes away you get very tired in the evening. Yeah, just a little rest and recovery and reflection, I guess.

Q. The individual, is it next?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, I think so, yeah. Slovakia.
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