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July 20, 2015

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. I needed another gear that I couldn't quite get to today. It was one of those days. You knew everybody was making birdies, but it didn't feel that easy going out on the front nine. I felt like it was hard to get the ball closer than 15, 20 feet, and I wasn't quite making those putts early in my round. Yeah, I was left in a situation where I had to salvage something and I fought pretty hard on the back nine for what I think was as good a finish as I could have expected after the first nine holes. Right now I'm tied sixth and obviously that's the best of the rest. There's five guys out there, and it's a very exciting championship.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think so. That's progress, yeah, definitely. Yeah, I think all week I've been just one gear short. I've played well but I haven't had that sort of run or that real sort of shot in the arm where I felt like I've put a great round together. But yeah, progress. I'm happy. I can look back at this and think there's some positives for me to take. I changed putters this week, so that was a bit of an unknown coming into the week and that felt really good. I holed out really well from inside six feet this week, and I think that's something I can really build on for the rest of the year.

Q. Did you change after the first round?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, prior to the week. Yeah, I didn't putt particularly well at the U.S. Open, didn't putt particularly well at the Scottish Open, and I just felt like when the greens aren't really slick and pure, I just needed a bit more help and this is more of like a face balanced, got some grooves to help the ball roll, so just a bit more technology.

Q. Was that a risk changing at the start of the week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was a risk, but I just felt like I wasn't going to putt -- it was like a last-ditch effort. I just felt like I wouldn't really -- I was looking for something. I felt like if I put my other putter in play, I didn't have a lot of confidence with it, so for me it was worth the risk.

Q. Talk about the reception you got walking up 18. For any British golfer that's a special moment.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's amazing, walking down I said to my caddie Fooch walking over the Swilcan Bridge this is as good as it gets. Obviously we're playing for places and playing for pride coming up the last, but still gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and your heart rate one or two beats quicker, and it's an amazing finish.
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