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July 20, 2015

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: Well, yes or no. After 15 it was probably too -- well, I don't know. It's hard to digest it all at the moment. But I probably needed a really good back nine, and I had a really poor back nine. I feel like I wasn't even in it at the moment. The back nine was going to play tough, and I was going to have to go pretty much mistake-free, I thought, to shooting maybe par or 1-under, and far from that in the end.

Q. The approach on 14, did that fool you?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah, look, I pulled it a little bit, and I guess when you do that, it can stay a bit low and just beat the wind. The wind was dropping at that point a little bit, and really that was my poorest shot that I hit today, and it cost me a bogey. That wasn't the end of the world. But to miss a really short putt on the next, I don't really have an explanation for that. I just went up to tap it in from a foot and it lipped out. Just one of those stupid things that happens, and that really put me in a tough position to where finishing with a handful of threes was unlikely on a day like today, you know, driver 5-iron from the left fairway on 16, and on 17 guys are going to be having 240 to the pin, 230 I think I had to the pin. You're unlikely to make 3 there. It's a tough finish, and I just didn't execute the last five holes.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I did what I had to do the first 10. I was 6-under and I tied for the lead. I kind of leveled myself with where everyone was at, and that's exactly what I had to do. And I knew from that point on, I was just going to have to play a great nine holes to have a shot at it. I felt that was even to 1- or 2-under, really, from that point. It was always going to be tough. It was playing really tough at times, straight into the wind, playing long, and I made my mistake on 14 with a poor shot in there and compounded that continuously coming in.

Q. I'm sure it's difficult right now, but you're friends with Leishman; what do you think about what he's doing out there?
ADAM SCOTT: Amazing. It should prove to him how good a player he is. He's an incredible talent. He's also been through some tough times this year. It would probably mean the world to him for a lot of reasons. But I don't know the situation at the moment exactly.

Q. Tied with Zach.
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, they're tied. Yeah, I think he's got away with that one. Yeah, it's good. Yeah, it's not going to be easy, you know. 17 has got to be playing pretty tough today. If he can finish -- make 4 on 17, that's when you get yourself a chance to make a 3-up the last, make a putt like I guess Zach did.

Q. Obviously when you wake up tomorrow you're going to feel what?
ADAM SCOTT: I'll be disappointed the way I played the last five holes for sure. I could have done a lot better than that. Yeah, it's a shame not to get in there and finish with a shot, that's for sure, but maybe it was too much to ask today.

Q. What did you do on the tee?
ADAM SCOTT: I drove it out of bounds on the right.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: Not really, but the wind was a little bit out of the right, and I pushed it.

Q. Did you have your eyes on the scoreboard throughout the back nine? Were you keeping track?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I wasn't. I thought, I'm just -- once I turned into the wind, I didn't want to really watch. I knew it was just going to be tough, and I just hoped to do the best I could. Yeah, I don't really think we're going to see too many 33s or 32s on the back nine today. I was just trying to put the head down and make some pars.
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