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July 20, 2015

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN: I never really got it going the last couple days.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARC WARREN: Not really, no. I didn't drive it great yesterday, and then went and hit some balls last night with Alan, just couldn't figure anything out at all, had that double warm-up this morning to try and figure something out, just couldn't get it. Was getting lost more than anything, to be honest. I just went about flat from then on.

Q. Midway through your Open you were feeling (inaudible)?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I played nicely the first two days. The putter has dried up there nearly the last couple days. Even coming in there had a few really good chances, holed a nice kind of 10-footer or something like that on 17, but apart from that, didn't really take the birdie chances. But yeah, just kind of, like I said, just went about flat the last couple days, really.

Q. Does it make it all the more disappointing the fact that you were doing so well?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, obviously it's disappointing. You don't want to go backwards any weekend, never mind when you put yourself in a good position at The Open. But just one of those things. Game just wasn't there, unfortunately, but looking forward to a good couple weeks off now.

Q. Do you think sort of the break that you had on Saturday sort of upset your rhythm?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, possibly. Just kind of felt like a long day waiting about, not knowing whether we were going or not, and then came up -- once the guys had teed off, about 6:00, came up, hit a few balls, didn't want to hit too many in the wind, obviously, but yeah, it was just kind of -- I don't know, maybe that had something to do with it, just couldn't quite get it going after that. But like I said yesterday, just kind of struggled with the driver, just set ups about at the minute, so just struggling to time it from there.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARC WARREN: For the rest of the season? There's still another major to play, the U.S. PGA. We've got the final series in Europe. I want to play for only master events from here on. This is just moving into the second half of the year to be honest. Decent position in the Race to Dubai, decent position top 50 in the world comfortably. Feel as if my game is good enough to do that and I've got big enough events in front of me, and if I play well, I can make a nice move up the rankings.
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