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July 20, 2015

Andy Sullivan


Q. It says everything that you come off (indiscernible.)
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I think that's just obviously where my game has gone. It's hopefully rising to the higher levels. Just got off to a flier today and fell backwards, which is not to stay disappointing, but the chance to do it I suppose is encouraging but just disappointed the way I finished today.

Q. Four straight birdies (inaudible)?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I hit four great putts getting off to the start, so I holed some really good putts there, and I was thinking, oh, here we go sort of thing, and then just to double the par-5 obviously where you're thinking of making birdies is a massive disappointment. But I come back after that, got it back to 9 again and then fell again, so it was a bit of a roller coaster actually thinking about it now. I don't think I've ever shot 1-under with six or seven birdies so it's a first for me that one. But on the whole, wherever I finish it's a decent week. It's my first Open Championship.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, no, definitely. Obviously start of the year, 180th in the world, and to be lying 54th in the world is a massive credit to myself. But you just focus on the short-term things and making a couple of doubles out there is just steam coming out of my ear holes, to be honest with you. But it happens. Like they say, it's golf and these things happen. Just got to come away a better person from it and try and get on with the next one.

Q. What leads to you doing so well?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I don't know. You know, hopefully range of growth is part of it, you know. More people are coming to play it, because it's a great little golf course. But I can't give them enough praise. They're absolutely fantastic. They come and follow me wherever I go, they come to the bar, they come here. They're absolutely fantastic. To come and give me the support they have in as many as they have, 30, 40 guys coming up to give you support, it's absolutely fantastic.

Q. How comfortable will you feel at the U.S. PGA?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. Obviously making the cut at a first major, that's one monkey off the back now, so it's just about me progressing now, trying to cut the mistakes out, obviously. You never know when they're going to come, but just when you're trying to get more consistent and performing at a high level now, this is where I want to play most of my golf, so just need to get used to playing at this level.
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