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July 20, 2015

James Morrison


Q. What do you take out of this week?
JAMES MORRISON: Just more experience, more experience playing at the top level and shooting four rounds under par every day around St. Andrews is really pleasing. Lots of good stuff to take back, yeah.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JAMES MORRISON: Hopefully should squeeze into the top 19 maybe. U.S. PGA in a few more weeks and keep ticking along up the world rankings.

Q. You've been here twice (inaudible) guarantee that you're going to be in there?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, exactly. Once you play a couple of majors you want to keep playing more. That's just what you dream about playing, and it's time to do that and play more after that and really enjoy it.

Q. If there was one key thing that you need to do to compete at the top level, what is it?
JAMES MORRISON: It's keep playing well and holing more putts at the right time. Even Phil today had a good score but he still missed a few putts early on, and the biggest thing, you've got to win a golf tournament. You've got to hole your fair share of putts and didn't do it this week, but still finished high up the leaderboard and I'm really pleased.

Q. How great was the support for you?
JAMES MORRISON: Great, mum and dad, my wife and little boy, my best mate up here has been brilliant, absolutely brilliant. They've all loved it. I've loved it. It's been a long four or five weeks, but looking forward to getting home now.
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