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July 20, 2015

Richie Ramsay


Q. What do you make of your Open Championship?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Very disappointed. I obviously love playing here, the crowds were great. I just putted poor. I never got -- I played really nice today for like 14 holes. Just short game killed me. Every time I missed a green, I didn't get up-and-down today, and then had like -- three three 3-putts in there from probably shortish distance. Yeah, it was probably tough to take the last four holes, just really disappointed. It just felt like a wasted opportunity on a course that I know well, and just putted rubbish. Basically the pace was so far out on the last. A typical example, I ripped a drive exactly where I wanted it, way out with the yardage with a lob wedge and then three-putted. It's one of those ones you knock it in to 12 feet, you hole the putt, you make 3. There was a two-shot swing. I did that probably five or six times this week. Yeah, the game doesn't feel far away, but at the moment, my mindset is just -- I don't really have anything good to say about it. I'm sure it'll change in the next few days, but yeah, just such a wasted opportunity. If it was going to turn out and be like that, it's pointless. Might as well just give someone else a chance to play.

Q. Was it a strange day playing on a Monday?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Doesn't make any difference to me. The pins are tricky out there, some really tricky pins, but yeah, it's just all I care about is putting a score together, and I failed to do that every day this week. It's the same old 1-under, 1-over. Today like I couldn't -- I didn't really hole that much, and just the short game and the putting is just rubbish at the moment. I didn't really care if it was Monday or Sunday. It just seemed -- I haven't putted well and I haven't chipped well. That's where you make the difference. Jordan is obviously pretty steady tee to green, but when he chips and putts well, you're just saving shots all the time. A lot of it is mindset. Yeah, I've got to go away and change that and see what I can pick up, see if I can pick up a hint of confidence in my short game.

Q. What's next on your schedule?
RICHIE RAMSAY: I'm going to Omega, but can't even think about that at the moment. If I'm going to putt and chip like that, no point in going. I'm going to go and sort that out, hit the gym tonight, try and get a little bit better. I can't really describe my round because if I was, I'd be swearing, just straight out, so it's just a waste of time.

Q. Is it a case of going to the (inaudible)?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, it's a case of not -- it's a case of sitting down and analysing it and working it out because it's not good enough. I don't work to come out and play like that. It's depressing if you read Eddie Pepperell's article, that's what it's like if you play badly, especially on days like this. It's great to be out there, don't get me wrong, but every one of us is out there to win. We're not out there to finish -- I don't hole putts to finish 70th in the tournament. It's a bit of a joke to be honest. I've got to sit down and look at it. My driver and my iron play is good. All the areas that you're scoring need to be better, and that's the problem. That's where the top guys are way better than me. But if I flip that around, I could shoot 74 and turn it into 64, it's that big a difference. You're looking at seven or eight shots a round. It's not a great place at the moment. Just got to go away and break a few things and come back and start again.
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