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July 19, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q. How was that 66 out there for you?
JIM FURYK: I think pretty good. I expect scoring to be pretty good. I assume the guys in front of me played well. We really had perfect conditions. We really didn't have much breeze. When we did have it, it was a little downwind to be honest with you, and it kind of followed us at the turn as kind of it was predicted on the weather this morning. It kind of turned, and most of the breeze we had on the front nine was down breeze, and on the back it was down breeze, and it wasn't really until 18 that we had any difficult weather.

Q. In terms of building momentum how does this help you build confidence?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I think it was out there at the turn. Kind of got off to a slow start -- I had to make a good long par putt at 4 to stay even and then was able to birdie four of the last five on the front, so that got me jump started. Made a couple good par saves. Hit a bad first putt at 10 but made a nice putt for par and kind of botched 13 and 14, missed a four-footer for birdie at 13 and then trying to put a wedge up in the air on 14, I bladed it over the green and had to make a long par putt coming back. I made some wonderful saves to kind of keep the round going and then was able to knock a long one in at 15 and then kind of brave it out the last three holes. The pin on 16 is tough, 17 is obviously brutal, and the weather was tough on 18, so I made three good pars.

Q. Was it nice to get out early and get a full round in this morning?
JIM FURYK: Well, it wasn't really that hard for me. It was hard for the guys that had to finish yesterday. They sat out here all day, or a lot of them did. The not knowing -- I got to kind of lounge around and hang with my family and watch some movies. Once 2:00 came along -- bad movies, really. Once 2:00 came along, though, it was -- knowing that we weren't going to play, it was kind of nice to, okay, let's go goof around and have fun and kind of just get ready to get out there today. So it was quite easy actually for me.

Q. In terms of that score today, what does that do for your momentum carrying into tomorrow now?
JIM FURYK: Well, it helps. Obviously you kind of see this course different every day as far as the conditions, the weather, what's a good score. I mean, honestly on the way out today, I knew that it was going to take 67 or better to be a real good score in those conditions. Get up tomorrow, watch Paul Casey go off the front, first tee as I was finished, that's the way we played it the first two days, and they've got to be thinking in that driving rain and that, that 72 is a good score. We'll see what happens and how the weather is this afternoon for the leaders and how far away I am tomorrow.

Q. Was this just a day that almost everything was working for you? You have to be very pleased with this number?
JIM FURYK: I putted well. I think that really the big difference -- I didn't really hit it that much better than I did the first two days, and I knocked in a bunch of putts. It was nice to -- that second round it was tough putting just because of the wind and hard to get steady, and I felt like I was moving all over the place out there. Today to just kind of get my feet under me -- greens looked nice this morning, no wind out there, it was kind of let it go, and I had a lot of putts that were right edge, left edge, and a lot of straight putts, and I could see the line, got the ball on line a lot and knocked a few in, so it was good to get some confidence there.

Q. Now that you're on the leaderboard --
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I think I was 12th when I finished. It's going to really depend -- if the weather gets nice I'll be 30th by the end of the day, or if it stays real tough and windy and blustery, I could get myself in the top 10.

Q. And talk about have you had a day like yesterday?
JIM FURYK: In The Open? No, I've never seen it at The Open. Oh, yeah, we've sat around a lot. When you play golf for 20 years as a professional, you learn to sit, there's no doubt.

Q. And do you like having a day off like that?
JIM FURYK: What was easy about it, as I said earlier, is that I was -- I never really came to the golf course yesterday. I was at home. So just getting updates by phone, and once I realised by 2:00 that I wasn't going to play, it made it a pretty easy day. Now, for the guys that had to come out first thing in the morning and sit here and sit here and sit here all day with the comical one-hour updates that the wind still hadn't stopped, I could have told you that sitting on my couch sitting at home that the wind wasn't going to stop until later. The weather had it predicted as increasing, not decreasing. It was easy for me. I'm sure it was frustrating for the guys out here at the course.

Q. What were the weather conditions like for you?
JIM FURYK: Perfect for 17 holes and then it obviously -- the temperature dropped, the wind picked up, got a lot colder, windier, and so the last hole was difficult, but 18 is a one of the more benign holes on the golf course, so honestly, we really couldn't have had it much better.
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