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September 8, 1993

Alexander Volkov


Q. What was going through your mind, Alexander, when he had the match point?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: Nothing, because I have so many opportunities. I mean, I lost my serve in the third set. I was totally-- drive him. I was -- I mean, I was playing very well first two sets, then I lost two sets; then I have a break in the final set, then I lost again. Then just nothing. I think it helped him because as it was he had matchpoint then -- at that time nothing happened.

Q. No nerves?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: It was too late for nerves.

Q. Was it just kind of an odd match to be playing that long this late at night?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: Yeah, mine-- I serve so well in the last game just because it was no more nerves, just played it.

Q. What do you think the difference was Alexander, I mean he came back on you? How were you able to hold him off?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: I think it was my mistake tactical. I played very good. I made ball early in the first two sets. I just move him around the court; then I just stopped. I made couple of double faults and it was such a shame, mistake, and he just come back because he can run, I think, for 24 hours. He can-I don't know-I think he was a little better.

Q. What do you remember about last year's match against Sampras here?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: It wasn't much -- it was just-- I don't know, we playing on one side. I break him in the beginning, but then he just destroyed me because I stop moving at all. I expect him too much at that time. Maybe now I am more experienced and I can play much better, I hope.

Q. He said on TV that he beat you 4 tank and tank last year. He said you tanked?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: No, I didn't tank. He played very well. If he can remember the matches, just destroy me because if you serve bad against him you just can go away, just wait and see; then shake his hand, because he is very good on the serve and volley and very good from baseline and if you have nothing to do against him, I mean, no serve, no return, just forget it. I played against him few times indoor supreme or green set, it is really difficult to beat him there.

Q. Did you ever finish a match at this time so late?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: Like this one?

Q. Yeah?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: I don't remember. Maybe you can ask my wife.

Q. Thank you.


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