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July 17, 2015

Dewi-Claire Schreefel


Q.  Just talk about the round of golf you played today.
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Pretty solid.  Just one bogey and four birdies.  Had lots of opportunities, so feeling good about my game.

Q.  What about the weather that you had to contend with today?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  What weather?  There was no weather for me.  I mean, I guess it rained a lot last night and in the morning so we had the delay.
You know, you just get a little bit extra rest.  The course of a little bit softer than yesterday, but it was all good.

Q.  Talk about your ball striking today.
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Ball striking today was good again.  Yesterday as well.  Like I said, if you hit a lot of fairways and then hit a lot of greens you'll get lots of opportunities, and that's what you want.
I'm happy with my biking.

Q.  What's the game plan tomorrow?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Same thing:  hit fairways; hit greens.  Just fairways and greens.  That way you get lots of birdie opportunities.  Some are going to drop and some are not, but same plan:  just attack when you can and play safe where you don't feel comfortable.

Q.  Are you nervous being at the top of the leaderboard going into the weekend?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  You know, it's been a little bit since I've been here, but I'm very comfortable with where my game is at right now.  It feels good.  I know what I'm doing.  I know what goes on when it doesn't feel as good.  That's always a plus.
I'm looking forward to the week end.

Q.  Is there an advantage finishing today and not having to come back in the morning?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Of course.  If you can finish a round you always want to finish your round.  If you're in a flow you want to keep the flow going.
It's going to be early and it's been a long day today.  Whenever you can finish a round it's good.

Q.  Talk about the crowd and the patrons out there today.
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  It's quite late right now so we didn't have that many fans out.  My husband is out here with a few friends, so I had a few fans.  It was nice.  I'm expecting it tomorrow better.

Q.  How many times have you played here before?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  You know, I'm not quite sure.  I wasn't here last year.  The year before that I was here.  I don't think the tournament was played the year before that.
Might only be the second time that I'm here.

Q.  I know it's important to you to get inside the top 100 on the Rolex Rankings because the Netherlands won't send you to the Olympics otherwise; is that correct?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Yeah, that's correct.

Q.  You think about that at all?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  No, not now.  Right now for me it's just play well.  I need to secure my card for next year.  Besides that, you want to play well to get in Asia.
This weekextra ‑‑ well, not extra pressure, but it's qualifying for the British.¬† I think I did that.¬† I can only play one shot at a time, and hopefully that leads to going into Asia and then keeping your card.

Q.  How much were you thinking about the British qualifying out here?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Nothing actually.  When we were done my caddie was like, I think you qualified for the British.  I was like, Oh, I totally forgot about that.  Obviously the weeks before you know that this is the last chance to qualify.  So I knew about it, but I didn't really think about it that much?

Q.  How big is it to get that invitation?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  It's another chance to play, and I love the British.  I think it's always a good setup.  I'm very happy to be going back to Europe play there.

Q.  Seeing Mo win there last year, is that even more benefit?  That's a major that you can win that fits your game?

Q.  It's not completely a bomber's golf course.
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  No, no.  Any major, if you hit greens, doesn't matter long or short, you just play smart.  It's playing with the elements out there.  You are just have to stay within yourself.
It's not about length last year.  You don't have to have won before to be able to win.  So, yeah, of course.  She's a good friend of mine, so it's nice to be around that.

Q.  And then having that big purse is critical to getting into Asia as well.
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Right.  It's just another opportunity, another opportunity with a big purse to move up in the rankings.

Q.  Do you and Crystal talk a lot about the Olympics, and do you watch each other's rankings at all?  I know if you don't get there you'd want to have someone from your country there as well?
DEWI CLAIRE SCHREEFEL:  Right, you want to be represented in the Olympics, especially since golf is back into to.  So we have talked about it.  I don't know my ranking; I don't know ranking of her.  Can't influence it anyway.
But, yeah, we've talked about just going and how it will be.  So, yeah.

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