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July 17, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q. ¬†3‑under.¬† Happy?
STACY LEWIS:  Not quite.  You know, the finish was nice.  I birdied those last two.  Definitely makes the round a little bit better.
Just still left a lot out there on the greens.  Ball striking is a little bit up and down.  Finished good, so I can't be too upset.

Q.  Feel like you're carrying some momentum into the weekend?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, I hope so.  You know, I feel like the way I'm playing if I can just get a few of those putts to go in I can shoot a low number.
So that's all it'll take is one low number and you're right up in contention.  Good thing is I've got two more rounds to go.

Q.  I know you said this especially after the frustrations yesterday and then early today fighting to make the cut and now right back in the thick of everything.
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah, I knew all day that I was close.¬† I kept looking at the board thinking if I could get to 3‑ or 4‑under I was right in it.
So it's nice to finish that way, to go from maybe thinking about missing the cut to being up in the tournament.  But that's just how bunched up the scores are.

Q.  Does it cross your mind at all during the round where the cut may be and whether you may be there?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  I watch leaderboards, so it was scrolling through there occasionally.
You try not to think about that.  I was hitting good enough shots to make birdies, so I wasn't really thinking about going too much the other direction.

Q.  Feel a little bit better about today?
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah.¬† I mean, score‑wise, yeah, it's obviously better.¬† Still, I think just knowing me, I think I could have done better.¬† I could have made a few more putts.
But all in all, it really was a better day.  Hopefully it leads to some better things tomorrow.

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