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July 17, 2015

Shanshan Feng


Q. テつObviously a solid round.テつ Have to be pretty happy with that.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Yeah, I think I did pretty well.テつ 6‑under for two days, especially coming from last week with the Open and I missed the cut.
I wasn't striking the balls like I used to, and this week I'm really happy because my ball‑striking is much better than last week.
So my confidence is back.

Q.テつ Obviously had the weather delay.テつ You had a great round.テつ Got to be pretty happy going into the weekend.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Yeah, and I'm happy that I actually finished the second round today so I have a lot of time to rest tomorrow and just get ready and be fresh for the weekend.

Q.テつ Are those your favorite pants?テつ You said you have to be confident with those pants.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ I have a few more.テつ I think I like my cow pants that I wore yesterday.テつ I do have the cow pants and cow shorts and cow skirt, so...
I have everything.

Q.テつ You said you got to play the Wii recently.テつ When did you get into that?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ This week.

Q.テつ What's your game?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Soccer and archery.テつ I found out it's good thing because usually after I eat I like to go straight to bed, like lie on the bed.
Actually if I can play the Wii games right after I eat, so then I don't‑‑ then it helps me to maybe lose a little weight.テつ (Laughter.)

Q.テつ How is your game right now?テつ Feeling pretty good about it heading into this week?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Better.テつ I mean, better than last week for sure, because last week I just came back from China going into the Open, and then I think I was just too tired.
I lost my swing there so everything was short.テつ I couldn't hit the ball solid.
But this week I think for the past few days I've been doing better and getting back to where I used to be.

Q.テつ How did you get the swing back that quickly?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I was trying to figure it out on the range.テつ Since I missed the cut I had Saturday and Sunday off, and, you know, my body then was well rested.
Then came Monday and then worked on the range trying to get it back.テつ Then, yeah, I slowly by slowly.テつ I think up to yesterday and today it was pretty good.

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