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July 31, 2005

D.A. Weibring


Q. That was a tough finish for you. Did you feel nervous at all?

D.A. WEIBRING: No, I really didn't. I mean, you have a little adrenaline naturally coming down the stretch, and I was surprised at the way the leaderboard developed the back nine. I was just trying to play the golf course the way I had kind of planned to play it all week. Everything was on schedule for what I was doing. I was kind of moving up the leaderboard, and obviously I don't know really what happened. I know Loren and Craig must have had some problems, but when I made birdie at 8 and 10, I looked up and saw that we were tied, and after that I hit a good birdie chance at 11 and a good shot at 12, two putted 13, good shot at 14 that rolled back. I had a putt up the hill. Couldn't have hit a better shot at 15. I had an uphill putt again.

Same thing at 16. I left the ball where I wanted to leave it, and then my mistake was it's a hard fairway to hit at 17. I guess in hindsight if I hit 4 wood all week, it's always a pretty good club for me, and I hit that 4 wood well, and the ball just turned over with the wind and took a hard bounce, and it went into a really heavy lie. I only had 100 yards over the bunker, I was playing well right of the hole and I was trying to hit pitching wedge and it came out thick.

I played a wonderful pitch shot rather than use my 60 degree edge, I used my middle wedge, and there was a leaf kind of wrapped around the ball and I couldn't get near it and I left it where I wanted to again. Here's the third or fourth hole putting back up hill. To win a championship you've got to make a couple of those putts. I made a couple putts every day, and as I look back I made a good birdie putt at 8, maybe 20 feet. That's the only putt I made of the day. It was a two putt for birdie at 6.

Anyway, I missed the putt at 17. 18 I held on to it a little bit off the tee, and I had it in a trampled down area. I had 171 to the flag, had 148 to the front. I knew the pin was kind of curled around behind the bunker, and I took a 7 iron, thought there was a good chance the ball could kind of come out dead because it was against the grass, and it came out really hot. It was probably the biggest flier I've hit. I don't know how fast the ball carried up past the flag, probably about 180, and then it got against the grass again, and I played as good a pitch shot as I could to get it down below the hole. I hit the ball where I was looking, it just wasn't meant to be. It isn't a great feeling to finish bogey, bogey when you have a chance to win the U.S. Senior Open but I've got to look at how I played all week, and it's just one of those things. Congratulations to Allen Doyle. What a great round he must have played. Did he make any bogeys today? Eight birdies?

When the greens get firm, Open conditions, sometimes when somebody posts, it works, and it worked today for him.

End of FastScripts.

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