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July 17, 2015

Greg Owen


GREG OWEN: It is, my history, as well, unfortunately.

Q. Kind of a mixed bag today, not a great start but then you seemed to rescue it.
GREG OWEN: I'm happy to be finished to tell you the truth. It's been tough. The wind has maybe died down over the last half hour, 45 minutes. Hit a great tee shot off the first and right in the middle of a divot and that's not where you want to start, with a 6. We battled hard. I made a lovely eagle on 5 which really settled me down, and then just fought to get in. I hit some good shots, I hit some poor shots, and all in all I holed out well, and very happy with the score, obviously.

Q. You're still in with a good chance?
GREG OWEN: Yeah, I mean, my putting doesn't bode well in the wind. I really struggled with the pace today. Couldn't get the ball to the hole and then you get one downwind and you are six feet by. I'm used to faster greens now being at the states, so when you're coming in a little slower it's hard to hit it. I've got a lovely rhythm to my stroke but I can't -- I've got to really work to get the ball to the hole. So I struggled with that a little bit today. But I hit some real quality shots coming in. Hit it where I needed to hit it, and you never know. I mean, I just wish the wind didn't blow quite as hard and you actually played golf rather than scrambling around.

Q. How is the back?
GREG OWEN: It's tired, it really is. It started on 16. It's cold out there. It was a lot of standing around, and I need to sit down and get in a hot bath or something. It'll be all right. It just aches. It's just usual, usual stuff.

Q. What were your thoughts this morning when you saw the weather?
GREG OWEN: Well, I thought it was quite good when we first started. Obviously the rain before we started was like -- I've never seen a links course flood as much. There's water still standing on 18 tee, or just off the tee. I've never seen anything like it. It must have been torrential last night or this morning. The course played beautifully in all fairness. But I don't know what we've got in store. Probably more high winds I would guess. But I'm just happy to play on the weekend, and we'll fight again tomorrow and see what that brings.
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