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July 17, 2015

Branden Grace


BRANDEN GRACE: I'm still hanging around. A good weekend might just do it.

Q. How were conditions different today than yesterday?
BRANDEN GRACE: You know, the course softened up a little bit. I think it dried out because of the wind, but the wind was still blowing strong, it's just the big difference is it was mostly a crosswinds. It wasn't in or straight down like yesterday. Yesterday the front nine was down, the back nine everything was straight in. Today was more the crosswinds, which sometimes is a lot tougher. Sometimes you hit good shots and it doesn't work out, sometimes you hit bad shots and it works out, and I think that was the case today with the crosswinds.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, you know, it's tough to adapt to those pins in the beginning of the round. We all thought it's going to be soft, but it was a lot softer than what we thought the first five, six holes, and then things started firming up towards the end. But still, if you went into the green with a gap wedge, sand wedge or wedge even, you got a couple of yards coming back at you spinning, so you really had to adapt to it, and then towards the end it got a little bit bouncy. The guys should be in for a good afternoon.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRANDEN GRACE: I am. Yeah, this golf course I think you prefer, like I said, the yesterday one, downwind, and you can get it going and try and protect your score coming in. On a day like today there isn't that many given birdies out there. You really have to stay patient and stay hitting good shot after good shot and try and make your birdies. And on a day like today, it gets tough. You really just have to pick your target, pick your spots, and just go from there.
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