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July 17, 2015

Paul Casey


Q. So how about the day?
PAUL CASEY: Well, I didn't think we'd be playing, so that was pretty good. It was actually quite nice. You know, fortunate that I was off late enough I could stay in bed. That was the nice thing. I wasn't one of the unlucky guys to be out here this morning. The course is perfect. The only way you'd notice that there was maybe something that went on this morning was you could see a little bit of the squeegee marks around 17 green and 18th tee, and the Valley of Sin. Apart from that, no clue. It was absolutely perfect out there. Obviously tricky with the wind direction. I left a few putts out there, but really happy with how I sort of moved up the leaderboard, so yeah, pretty good.

Q. There were putts that looked certain to go in, but --
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, but they were good putts. I left one short right in the middle on 18, so that was woeful. It is what it is. There's some very difficult reads. Traditionally the pin positions are always very difficult to read. I know this course exceptionally well. I don't feel like I've played great golf, but I know this course so well I can get myself around it and give myself a lot of birdie opportunities using my course knowledge. But very difficult to know what the putts are actually going to do. You know, the greens are so big, it's difficult to map every square inch.

Q. Is it even more difficult because of the rain this morning?
PAUL CASEY: Speed was a little slower than they have been. They've been wonderful all week, and the surface is still great, but yeah, they did soften up. It made it difficult actually judging some of the bounces. A couple of times the ball dug in and a couple of times it didn't. It just really depended on where you landed it. If you landed in a hollow it's going to stop it and land it on the knuckle, and off it goes. That exaggerated or accentuated shots, good or bad.

Q. There's an awful lot of golf left to happen, but do you feel being within two shots is too much to be able to catch up?
PAUL CASEY: It's nothing out there. It can happen in a heartbeat. You know, difficult to make six shots up, but six shots can easily be given away.

Q. These are people who are not used to being up at the top --
PAUL CASEY: Some great players. A lot of talent on the leaderboard, even if they're not names that have been up there at majors regularly. But there's an awful long way to go and still maybe more weather, so we'll see.

Q. What conditions would you like tomorrow?
PAUL CASEY: I actually quite like this. Maybe a couple of degrees warmer. I've got no issue with the wind. I actually like playing in the wind. I can't stand the rain. It was actually 40 degrees in Phoenix yesterday, so if it would nudge up that way a little bit, that would be nice.

Q. There are going to be some guys finishing their round --
PAUL CASEY: I've got no idea. I've just asked in there, they said 10:30 maybe, threesomes. No idea. That's the rumor. The thinking is that gets more golf played quicker. Sounds really bad English. You know what I meant.

Q. You don't seem very confident about that.
PAUL CASEY: I always feel twos are quicker no matter what. Yeah, just get us out there in twos and let everybody fly around.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAUL CASEY: I like -- firm winds would be nice. High winds, depends on your -- what's Pádraig's interpretation of high winds? I just don't want the ball moving on the greens. I think -- I'm with Pádraig because I feel like I can play in those conditions, as long as the balls are not moving on the greens or it's delaying play because it would be nice to get everything done tomorrow and then just have twoballs on Sunday and off we go.
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