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September 11, 1993

Alexander Volkov


Q. Alexander, what is the feeling when you're on the other side of the net and he's serving like he was today?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: You know, if you are playing six matches in a row first time on center court it's difficult to be there. It is a very nice tournament, but you play in the semifinal first time on stadium court, it's difficult, even a set up like this, I can't say anything, you have to be there, you have to be used to it, you need some time to be there. If you warm up five minutes, you can't see anything, it's different from-- totally different from court 2 or 17 or court 22, it's different.

Q. What did you have trouble with, seeing the ball?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: Of course, with everything, see the ball, and everything around, so big, you know, so many people. I have enough experience to play on courts like this anyway, but I needed time to get used to it.

Q. Did you feel like last year?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: No, I don't feel like last year, I feel much better.

Q. Some observers said that Pete Sampras is playing the best tennis, not only this year, but of all the years. How would you describe the way he's playing now?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: You know, if you want to talk about-- if you want to ask questions about Pete, he's going to be here in five minutes and you can ask him. I told you already-- you always asking questions about somebody else. Okay, he will be here in five minutes, ask him.

Q. We wanted to know what you were thinking about it. We were asking about you.

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: He's number one player, what else-- I don't understand. What else you want me to tell you. He's number one. If he serves, like, more aces than anybody else-- you want to tell me again, he serve well? Yes, he serve well. Everyone on the court can tell you he serves well, and you ask me, fine.

Q. Are you mad?


Q. A lot of players have come in this week and said, well, I lost, it's no big deal, they're are a lot of more tournaments left. Are you glad that you still have a lot of passion for the game and you feel bad after a loss; do you think players have lost sight of something?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: It's my job, my game and I love it and I do my best all the time. Today was not my day. Maybe next time I going to beat him. I don't know what to tell you.

Q. Is it true that you started off playing as a right hander?


Q. What made you change?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: I was too week player, I played both, two hands.

Q. Is this tournament so different from other tournaments? Doesn't that happen at other tournaments too where you only get onto center court one time?

ALEXANDER VOLKOV: You know, it is a little bit longer if you are in my draw. Of course, so many people around maybe it get you a little bit upset, but you try other tournaments and not to quiet and so many people around it's different, but if you play well here it doesn't bother you. If you lost, you can find anything was going to bother you, from wind or sun or potatoes, it really doesn't make any difference.

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