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July 17, 2015

Anirban Lahiri


ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: It was sad to end on that note. I mean, yeah, it would have been nice to back up 69. Obviously I was thinking about it when I got to the green, and probably made the worst stroke of the day on that 10-footer that I had left. All in all, a good day. I think I'm happy with the fact that I got away with my bad shots and I missed it in the right spots, played intelligently, so even when I didn't hit my best golf shots, I put myself in a place where I could make par, and I'm happy about that. Lots of positives.

Q. Talk about the conditions.
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: I think the back nine was much, much -- I wouldn't say easier, but less harder than yesterday. I think in this wind you're likely to miss it left, and all the trouble on the back nine is on the right, so in that sense it kind of suits my ball flight, as well. It's hard, but it's not as hard as it was yesterday.

Q. (Inaudible)?
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Not really. I think whatever I've played so far this week, I think St. Andrews is about putting yourself in position off the tee. If you are in position off the tee, you can think of hitting an aggressive shot. If you're not in position, then you're looking at spots that you can hit, bigger spots, bigger targets that you can hit from where you can make par easily. If you roll a long one in, that's a bonus. I think that's what Rajiv and I stuck to do doing all day. We just made sure that when we weren't out of position and we couldn't play aggressively, we made sure put ourselves in a place where we could make par, and I think that's what I did well today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Well, it was supposed to be really bad today. I've just come off the golf course and I thought it was much harder yesterday. I don't know if it's just me playing better today or -- honestly, I don't know. I just think when the wind comes out of the southeast instead of the southwest, it plays a lot harder, and I think that's where the wind is at right now, south-southwest, so in that sense it kind of depends where the wind comes from, as well. Obviously 40 miles an hour is no joke, and we'll see. We'll see how the R&A sets it up, if they tuck pins and put the tees back, it will be a challenge.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: It wasn't so bad. You're forgetting I play in Asia. This was like a colder Malaysia for me, but much quicker. We usually play 30 holes or 29 holes every year when we play in that country. It was quite normal for me, honestly. It was easy.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: It was frustrating because in between all the places that I didn't hit good shots and I had 40-footers, I did hit quite a few inside 25 feet and didn't really make much. But I was conscious not to be too hard on myself because it's so easy to tell yourself that you're not going to get many opportunities and you have to make all of them count, so I think I was very patient. That was the key for my round today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Yeah, we've never had an Asian winner, either, so that would be nice. I'd just like to get into contention on Sunday. We'll see.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Yeah, made a good save on 17. Made a good save on 15. Yeah, 15 was a very good save. I think that was one place where I misjudged my chip and left myself in a bad position. That was not where I was trying to hit it. But it was nice to make a putt to keep the round going. I just made birdie on 14, and finally got some momentum, and you don't want to give that away with a bogey on the next, so I'm glad about that. Yeah, pretty solid otherwise. I think those were the only two greens I missed on the back nine, 15 and 17.

Q. I'm surprised that (inaudible)?
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Yeah, like I said, I think it was frustrating. On the third hole it was a roll shot. On the 8th it was a roll shot. On quite a few holes, actually. Like I say, I was happy not to get frustrated. Very easy to blow your top when you hit good putts and they don't go in, and I didn't do that. Stayed patient. Didn't make too many errors. I did make some mistakes but I got away without making bogey, so pretty happy about that.

Q. On Monday if we would have given you 5-under after 36 holes --
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Definitely, anybody would take it. You never know what the conditions are going to be like, even if it was good for scoring. 5-under is still not a bad position because you're not out of it, and I'm definitely not out of it. Hopefully the weather gods are kind to me and they pick up now because we played in the harder draw yesterday. Let's see if it gets harder in the afternoon.

Q. What was the longest putt you made today?
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: It was probably the one for par on 15, and that was about a 20-footer, I think, and shortest one that I missed today? Probably -- where did I miss a short one? 18 was eight, ten feet, but I think I missed one from about eight feet. I don't remember which hole, though.

Q. Did you stay out of all the bunkers today?
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: No, I'm in love with the Road Hole, so I hit it in there. It's quite strange because you go down the 17th fairway and the flags are all going across, and you're standing on the fairway and everything funnels through the grandstands and comes straight at you. So you're throwing upwind which is going in one direction and you're looking at the flags which are going in a different direction, so it's a bit confusing when you're on the fairway and trying to decide which shot to hit. That was my inexperience there that I missed it in the bunker today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAHN LAHIRI: Yesterday I just missed it. I navigated around it but didn't make 4.
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