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July 17, 2015

Steven Bowditch


Q. Did you take advantage or did you not? How do you put it?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Yes and no. You know, I felt I didn't get off to the start that I figured you needed to take advantage of those first five, six holes and I didn't feel like I did that. I hit it in great spots, had wedges and sand wedges in my hand and just couldn't get it close. You know, I hit it good, but I just wasn't close enough. Everything was 25, 30 feet. You sort of needed 15 to 20 feet on the greens here with where they put those pin positions. All in all, it was all right. I felt like I hit that duck hook off 9 and then -- early I actually had a couple of divots so that didn't help with my approach shots in there. But all in all, you know, 69 is a pretty good score around here.

Q. Did you think it just wasn't your day?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: I don't know about not a good day. It's just golf. As I said, I hit it in two divots before that, so it is what it is, it's golf. But that was after I'd just made a pretty good bogey on 9, and that ball rolling back and then on the downslope in the wet, to make birdie, to make that 10 footer I thought was a pretty big momentum swing for me right there, so yeah, pleased to see that one, get it up and in.

Q. (Inaudible.)
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Yeah, it's going all right. I feel like I'm hitting it out of the centre of the club most of the time. I feel like I got pretty good distance control with conditions. Yeah, it's all right. I don't feel like I've made a putt yet. I feel like I've just sort of -- not plodded it around but hit it in the spots I've needed to hit it most of the time with my iron play, and yeah, we'll just see what the conditions do this afternoon, and it'll depend on how we go tomorrow.

Q. If you make a putt --
STEVEN BOWDITCH: I don't know about that, but I feel like I'm hitting it most of the time where I'm looking, so that's a good sign.

Q. Could you talk us through (inaudible)?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Yeah, basically I forgot they changed the rule a year ago or two years ago that if the ball rolls, if the ball moves while you're putter is down and it's not caused by you, basically caused by the wind, it's not a penalty. I've had it happen to me a few times, and it used to be a penalty, and I had a mind blank and I forgot they changed the rule. I went from making a pretty soft 5 to a really mad 6 to a felt-like-a-birdie 5 again. You know, it's one of those things.

Q. The rules official, did he say, no, we changed the rules?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Yeah, basically. Well, no, he never said that. He just said, no, there was no penalty, and I felt like I just won the lotto when he said no penalty. Yeah, and actually Ben Martin said to me, oh, they changed the rules a year-and-a-half ago, two years ago. As soon as he said that, I did remember.

Q. (Inaudible.)
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Yeah, it moved, it definitely moved. That was sort of the surprising thing about it, it felt like it was starting to die down a little bit, and then when you're in there on 17 with that wind coming out of the -- it just popped out of nowhere, and yeah, it moved.

Q. If that was the lotto, what was birdieing the 18th?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Well, yeah, it was sort of a -- it was a weird thing to not have a penalty. That was a bit of momentum there, and then to birdie the last, so it was one of those -- I don't know how happy I would have been if I had made a -- it's golf. I wouldn't have been -- I would have had to take a few breaths walking to the 18th tee after the 5 I'd just made from nowhere basically.

Q. It kind of owed you one from those earlier mishaps?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: It did. It just panned itself out a little bit. A few divots early, but yeah.

Q. Can you describe your mindset walking off 18 today compared to yesterday, please?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: Yeah, it was -- I mean, obviously it's a little bit different. I felt like yesterday was a much tougher day and that I worked so hard yesterday, and then to give it up on not so much 17, but to make a really soft bogey on 18 with knowing that the conditions were going to be pretty bad today, but today was all -- I felt like it was pretty much in cruise control most of the day. I was hitting it where I was looking. Walk off here a lot more pleased.

Q. What did you make of the conditions this morning? The delay certainly didn't seem to disrupt you in any way.
STEVEN BOWDITCH: No. You get used to it. We're used to it all the time. It happens all the time out here, so it's not a big deal. When I saw it, when I saw the rain start to come in, I was hoping for more rain to be honest because I knew how tough it was going to be, and with the forecast it was supposed to be changing direction and slowing down by midday, so the more rain we had early, the more I was doing my rain dance out there in the clubhouse.

Q. Is it a really good spot now for you to sit back, especially if these guys have to play again tomorrow to finish the second round?
STEVEN BOWDITCH: I don't know, I guess. It's just a -- who knows. Who knows where everyone is going to be. Danny is obviously playing great out there, and Dustin, who knows what Dustin can do. He can go out and lap us all and cruise around. We'll just see what happens. Maybe a pint or two this afternoon and put the feet up.
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