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July 17, 2015

Jaco Van Zyl


Q. Good round today.
JACO VAN ZYL: Thank you.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JACO VAN ZYL: Yeah, the first hole was fun, to say the least. Good thing is we had a down breeze. I mean, otherwise we would still be out there. But yeah, very interesting this morning and cleared up nicely, and by the time we got to the back nine, it was not too bad.

Q. What was it like to wait this morning? It must have been pretty tough. What did you do with yourself during that time?
JACO VAN ZYL: I mean, you have some coffee, see the boys work on the golf course, and you look out the window and you're just grateful you're not out there playing golf.

Q. A good back nine out there, as well. How was it compared to yesterday?
JACO VAN ZYL: I mean, yesterday the breeze was up very good. You know, today wasn't quite as severe. You could actually get to 17 in two today. Just hit quality shot after quality shot on the back nine and managed to make one or two putts, but it was definitely a lot easier than yesterday afternoon.

Q. If you go back to that stretch of holes yesterday that was four holes that really got away from you, do you think it would have been a bit different?
JACO VAN ZYL: Oh, definitely. It didn't feel like I played badly. I didn't putt great at all yesterday. You know, and going through 13, 14, 15, I mean, just hit in the wrong places, ended up in the pot bunkers, and couldn't get it out, and found a couple of divots after that.

Q. How much do you draw off of Dunhill Links experience to get around?
JACO VAN ZYL: You definitely kind of know where to hit it, where not to hit it. It's obviously very different flags this week to what we're used to in the Dunhill. That took a little bit of more effort to try and get close to it and read the putts closely around the greens.

Q. What's your championship experience been like?
JACO VAN ZYL: It's very different to what we're used to week in and week out. Yeah, hopefully we can take the positive and work from there.

Q. Was it a bad idea to start in the first place?
JACO VAN ZYL: It was pretty bad when we started. It had really kind of set in by the time we hit our second shots. We were lingering around the green for about five minutes before we actually called it. By the time we got to the first green, it was literally unplayable.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JACO VAN ZYL: Yeah, I mean, a little sand wedge and all you want to do is make contact and hit it somewhere in the vicinity of where the flag is.

Q. What did you do at 17?
JACO VAN ZYL: Hit a good drive down there. I think it was 195 yards. Hit 3-iron, nice little stinger 3-iron to about 20-foot and rolled it in.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JACO VAN ZYL: Yeah, I don't think too many people were going to birdie it yesterday with a three-shot par-4, and kind of helps when you're the first group out.

Q. On the first hole was there just standing water all on the green? Was that what you were talking about?
JACO VAN ZYL: Yeah, they tried to squeegee in between putting the ball down, but the water was rising quicker than what they could get it away.

Q. How surprised were you that they even sent you off?
JACO VAN ZYL: Not too surprised. I mean, 6:30 in the morning you kind of just wake up, barely had your first cup of coffee. I mean, it is The Open Championship, so that is slightly different.

Q. One of the American players said he's never heard of playing being suspended in Scotland because of rain. Because of wind, yes, but it was almost shocking to get that communique this morning. Your thoughts when you woke up?
JACO VAN ZYL: I mean, that's kind of what you expect. We've been around here when it's been really blowing and raining, and it's just -- back home or most places you kind of hope it rains harder so you can sit in the clubhouse. Yeah, you kind of accept it and now you're just kind of going to go for 18 holes.

Q. What did you hit yesterday on 17?
JACO VAN ZYL: I hit driver, and then I had 277 yards flag, and then I laid it up with a 3-wood, and then I hit sand wedge, and then I hit lob wedge (laughing). I made a great par-5.

Q. When you started at half past six and hit those two shots, you didn't have to go back and put your ball down? Did you just start again completely?
JACO VAN ZYL: No. Once they're started obviously you've got to resume from there onwards.

Q. So you all found your markers all right?
JACO VAN ZYL: Yeah, you put tees in the ground.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JACO VAN ZYL: No, none of that. None of that. Everything was back in position by the time we got back out.

Q. Everyone just hit one shot?
JACO VAN ZYL: Well, I hit one shot, Marcel Siem two-putted and Mark Calcavecchia three-putted. I don't know how you want to look at it.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JACO VAN ZYL: It's a great hole. I mean, it starts off with a tough tee shot. There's just no room for error with the second shot. You can bail out -- if you want to hit it short right, but it doesn't give you a 4 on the card. You miss it right, you're on the road, you miss it left, you're in the bunker. It takes two quality shots, and even if you are on the green, it still doesn't guarantee that you're walking off with 4.

Q. I feel very confused. Can you just go through at 6:30 what each of you did? Were they saying you're not going to go --
JACO VAN ZYL: No, there was no sound -- there was no mention of not starting play. We got on the tee at 6:30. They announced us, off we went, each hit our first shots. All three of us hit it on the green for two, and by the time we got on the green it was just water logged and they couldn't squeegee the water away, so they obviously had to wait to clear it.

Q. So you couldn't putt?
JACO VAN ZYL: Well, you had the option to putt out. We all stopped. The hole was literally filled with water.

Q. And it was pouring as you walked down there was it?
JACO VAN ZYL: It was coming down very hard.
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