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July 16, 2015

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: Just to get finished was a bonus today. It was getting pretty brutal out there. A lot of hanging on the last two-and-a-half hours as we played the back nine.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: It's really good. Obviously conditions were a little more favourable this morning. I think 70 this afternoon is pretty good.

Q. The last few holes, people are talking about kind of horror stories, especially about 17, and even 18 is playing hard. To go 3, 4, 3 like you did, how much do you think you gained on the field just from that?
ADAM SCOTT: At least two probably. You know, I got a little lucky on 16 with my drive. I didn't really mean for it to go down the right, but the wind took it there, and I took advantage and made a good putt. Ground out 17 like probably everyone is who made a par there. And then made a nice putt on 18. That's the kind of thing you need to happen on a tough draw like this afternoon to keep yourself in the tournament, because if you finish 5, 5, 4, all of a sudden I'm just grinding to even make the weekend tomorrow.

Q. The putt on 16, how far was it?
ADAM SCOTT: It was a good 35 feet.

Q. Similar the one on 18 --
ADAM SCOTT: It was a little longer than that 18.

Q. So on 17 how did you play it?
ADAM SCOTT: I tried to play it kind of down the second fairway left, just to go left, and it just rolled off the fairway into the rough, and then my 3-iron came up well short. I only hit it 170 yards. I was just trying to play to the front of the green, which was 200 yards, so I had a 60-yard pitch over the bunker and I hit a great pitch, but it was into the wind and to four feet and saved.

Q. What does your 3-iron usually carry?
ADAM SCOTT: About 225.

Q. (Inaudible).
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I think today -- I can't think of a day where I had such strong wind in that direction for the back nine. I don't think I've ever had to lay up left on 14 before and take such extreme lines off the 17th tee, and even thinking about it off 16 tee, as well. You do, you learn a lot, but that's what the practice rounds are for. Sometimes you're not actually playing the practice round in the condition that you're getting. You're looking at the absolute extreme opposite and what would happen if you only could hit it 260 yards off the tee.

Q. Does that make it all the more pleasing to be standing here?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely. I'm playing well, and I know if we can just hang in on a day like today, it can even out, even over the next three days. You never know, it might be just a little better in the morning than tomorrow afternoon, and if I can take advantage of that, it'll all even out and hopefully be in the mix come Sunday.

Q. Is that part of the beauty of this championship, the unpredictability?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, when you're on the right side of it. I kind of felt like I was on the wrong side of it last year, too. But it all evens out. You kind of make your own chances a little bit, as well. If you're playing really good, you can battle through and stay patient, and under par was important for me today as far as the big scheme of this tournament goes.

Q. Hole locations, there seemed to be some that guys have never seen before.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look, I think they need -- they know the course is exposed if it's not blowing hard like this afternoon, and they have to toughen it up by some creative hole locations. Probably the 10th -- they may have used that one before, actually, but it was a tough spot because it's a very exposed green and close to a pretty solid slope with the wind blowing straight down it like that. That's what they're going to have to do. I mean, we've had a pretty hard day, and most of the field is under par it seems.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: No, not really. I played the first two days with him at Chambers Bay, and he's just striking the ball so strong at the moment. If that continues the way it was this morning, it looked like he was doing much of the same. Really good ball-striking, and you know, he gets it all going, it looks so easy. It's a bit of a theme. You can almost pick the guys who are going to play really well. They really seem to know how to peak for the big events and get their game in shape. At the moment there's a handful to 10 guys who seem to do it each time.

Q. It's your birthday this week?
ADAM SCOTT: It is. I need to give myself a very special birthday gift one of these years, otherwise it would be very disappointing.

Q. How much does imagination kind of go out the window on a day like this when you're just kind of surviving?
ADAM SCOTT: Imagination? No, I think you still have to have some. You know, when it's blowing that strong and you're straight into it at 120 yards hitting a 6-iron, you know, you need to -- that's a little creativity. Some holes you can almost just chip a 4-iron completely along the ground. It's really different golf, and that's the kind of thing that is so hard to prepare for. Like into the 9th hole I'll bet you everyone came up short who was hitting from 120, 140 yards, because you just can't get your head around you've got to hit a 5-iron from 140, and anything else will be short. You really do need some imagination, it's just how far you can stretch it.
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