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July 16, 2015

Alison Lee


Q.  I know you said you wanted to make a statement for the Solheim Cup.  This is a start, right?
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, definitely.  I mean, it's still really early in the tournament.  I mean, morning on Thursday.  There is still a lot of golf left to play.
Yeah, I'm really happy with how I started this week.  Hopefully I can keep it rolling.

Q.  Coming down 18 to make the putt to take or tie the clubhouse lead, are you surprised it's only 4‑under right now?
ALISON LEE:  Well, I mean, I think 4‑under is still a good score out here.  There are definitely a lot of birdie opportunities out there on the golf course today, but with the wind picking up a little bit I feel like it will be a little more difficult.
I feel like I didn't strike the ball as well as I could have today.  I still managed to shoot 3‑under because I putted really well.
Definitely this course, you still have room for mistakes for sure, unlike last week's U.S. Open.

Q.  I know you said you have Juli's caddie on the bag this week.  Trying to put it in his ear that, Hey, I want to be on your boss' team?
ALISON LEE:  I mean, it's pretty clear and he knows I really want to make the team.  I'm pretty sure everyone out here knows I really want to make the team.
I don't think he'll have anything to do with the outcome of who she'll pick as the captain's pick.
I'm just really happy that he's on the bag.  It's really cool to have someone like him, a veteran and all that.

Q.  She made a joke on the broadcast that he gave you a bad line last week.
ALISON LEE:  (Laughter.)  Yeah, I heard.  My dad was watching it and he told me about it.  Yeah, that was pretty funny.  She did a great job.

Q.  I know you said that it was important to you the fact that she had mentioned you as someone she was watching.  You're also watching that Rolex Rankings.  Thinking about that every week?
ALISON LEE:  Of course.  As soon as the U.S. Open ended I had a couple people text me and update me about where I was in the Rolex Rankings after they checked it.
So it's definitely something I'm keeping my eye on.  I'm really happy with how I'm progressing.
Before the year started I wasn't even in the top 200, and now I'm really happy to be in the top 50.  Hopefully I can keep moving up.

Q.  I was going to say, pretty pleased with how you've risen?  Did you see this coming?
ALISON LEE:  Rolex Rankings is based on two years and I've only been out here a year, so compared to a lot of girls in front of me and a little bit behind me I've played the least amount of tournaments of all of them.
For the amount of tournaments I've played I'm really happy with the standings.  Obviously there were a couple tournaments where I feel like I let go and I could have played a little better, but I can't complain.

Q.  What did you learn in Kingsmill that you could take into this week being in contention there?
ALISON LEE:  I learned what I learned at Kingsmill every shot counts.  It still kills me that I made that 4‑putt on 17 on the third day.  Still think about it.
So definitely things like that.  Every shot counts out here.  You can't make a mistake.  Whether it's the last hole on Sunday or the first hole on Thursday, every single shot and every single hole matters.

Q.  How long did it take you to get over that 4‑putt?  How long did you think about it?  I mean, you're still thinking about it.
ALISON LEE:  I'm still thinking about it.  It's in the past and I'm okay with it now, but it's definitely something I do think about.  I kind of wonder how the tournament could have ended differently if I didn't do that.
So, yeah.

Q.  Being in contention now a couple times already this year ‑ great round at Kia and a great week at Kingsmill ‑ got to feel like you're pretty close to a win, right?
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, definitely.  I just have to be patient.  I'm not like pushing to win a tournament.  Obviously I would love to.  I'm still new out here and learning a lot, so there is no rush.

Q.  What do you think you bring to the Solheim Cup team?
ALISON LEE:  That's a good question.  I feel like I'm new and I feel like I have a lot of spirit that I could bring to the U.S. team.
I already know a couple of the girls that are probably going to make the team.  I've competed with them before.  Jessica and Lexi I've been on the same team as them.
But, yeah, I feel like I've been striking the ball pretty well this year and putting really well.  Yeah, definitely my game, my spirit, and just something new I can bring to the Solheim Cup.
Yeah, something different.

Q.  How did you fare at the Curtis Cup?
ALISON LEE:  At the Curtis Cup it's similar format to the Solheim Cup.  We have two rounds for two days and then singles on the last day.
There are always two girls that sit out on the each round, and my captain actually put me in for all five rounds.  So I played 36, 36, 18.  Yeah, it was really cool experience and definitely it was a tiring week, but it was a lot of fun.
I'm still really good friends with everyone that was on the team and we had a great time.  We still talk about some of the memories we've had.
Yeah, I feel like ever since I was 13 I've played in some sort of event like that.  When I was 13 I played on the Junior Solheim Cup 14‑and‑up, Junior Ryder, and then on and, and last year Curtis Cup.
So every year I've competed and represented my country in a match play event like that, so hopefully I can continue that.

Q.  How did the midterms go last week and how is balancing school and this going?
ALISON LEE:  I don't know.  I like it a lot.  I feel like I'm more busy, and whenever I'm done with a round I have something to do instead of just sitting there and having five hours.
I'm not a huge practicer or grinder, so after the round probably just warm up a little bit and head back and work on homework.  So it's nice to have something to do and have a schedule.
On the midterm, I did get my results back.  I didn't do as well as I wanted.

Q.  You were a little preoccupied.
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, but it was good enough, and I'll still do fairly well in the class.  I'm happy with that.
Then I just have a paper due Friday and a homework assignment due Friday.

Q.  I know you heard when the Solheim Cup Captain's picks are probably going to be announced yesterday.  Does that put a little pressure on you now that it's coming up?
ALISON LEE:  It definitely puts a deadline, and I know exactly how much time I have now from now until the captain's pick is chosen.
So, yeah, definitely a little more pressure.  That's the fun part.  That's what's fun about this game.

Q.  Do you know who your competing against for the last...
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, of course.

Q.  And you're looking at 'em?
ALISON LEE:  Every day.  She's 1, she's 2, she's 3.
So, of course I'm well aware of who my competitors are.  And they're all great golfers, so it'll be a fun, fun race.

Q.  What would that mean to you to make it your rookie year so quickly to get on that team?
ALISON LEE:  It would mean so much.  That was one of my main goals this year.  My first goal was keep my tour card, but my second goal was I really want to make it on the Solheim Cup team.
I feel like I'll prove a lot to myself of what I can accomplish out here on tour, and especially coming right out of college.  Before playing Q‑School I didn't know if I wanted to come out here yet and if I was ready.
So coming straight out of college and being a rookie and making the ream shows me that I'm ready to play out here and I can compete with a lot of the pros.

Q.  Right.  Last question:  How does this course compare to Kingsmill?  Similar tract.  A lot of players said it's placement golf.  You can't overpower this golf course.
ALISON LEE:  I would say it's similar.  Like I said, it's a brand new golf course.  No matter how many times you played it, it's a new day.  You just to have feel comfortable and be comfortable on the tee and looking at the hole.
And like I said earlier, you can afford to make several mistakes here.  I hit it in the rough a couple times today but I was able to hit it out and make par.  Even make birdie.
Definitely I feel like this course is more putting.  You have to be able to putt well on this course.

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