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July 16, 2015

Tom Watson


Q. I know you were probably disappointed in the finish.
TOM WATSON: Too many 6s. That's what I said in the recorder's office. I had too many unforced errors. Actually on the first hole I hit what I thought was a pretty good sand wedge, and I didn't miss it, I just didn't hit it hard enough and hit it in the water. But I did get it up-and-down. But then I got on a little roll 6 through 10, I played some good golf there and made a good putt at 12 to save par. Then the wheels kind of fell off. 13 I put the ball in the bunker where you're not supposed to off the tee, and then three-putted, as I did 17, as well, when I put the ball out of play in the left rough at 17, so I had two three-putts after hitting a bad drive, and again, you don't follow up an error with another error, or you're going to make some big scores, and that's what I did.

Q. You got a nice reception from the crowd.

Q. What was it like seeing the Tom Watson masks?
TOM WATSON: Those are ugly masks. I told them there's way too many wrinkles in those masks. It kind of scared me looking at those, like geez, look at those things; that guy is ugly.

Q. Do you have mixed emotions? Obviously good emotions with the crowd but disappointed with the round?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I was trying when I got it to a couple under par, I knew the back nine was going to play a little tougher into the wind, and I knew I had to hit some quality shots, and I didn't. That was the disappointment. I didn't follow up some of the good shots I hit in the middle of the round with some -- and finish the deal. I didn't finish the deal. I failed.

Q. Was the wind turning when you get to those last --
TOM WATSON: The wind, it cooled off, the temperature went down and the wind shifted a little bit more to the north, from the east to the north and northeast just a little bit more. 17 is the toughest flag position I've ever seen. Yeah, that was A No. 1, that was the tough one. Ernie played it beautifully, hit a big drive down there, put his shot well left of the green and then putted and made about a five-footer for par. That's the way to play the hole. I never played it that way.

Q. The weather is due to change dramatically.

Q. How big a difference will that make out there?
TOM WATSON: A huge difference, yeah. You see all the red numbers today? You'll see a lot of black numbers tomorrow, I promise you. The wind is going to be blowing 25 to 30 to maybe 40 gusts, and the golf course will take its toll tomorrow.

Q. How do you view it from your perspective?
TOM WATSON: Well, actually it's not going to rain on me, but the wind is going to blow hard. I'm going to have to play an extraordinary round tomorrow probably to make the cut. That's the way I look at it.

Q. You've mentioned playing with the younger players, that you relish that chance to see them. What was it like for you guys today, the camaraderie in your group?
TOM WATSON: It was good. Brandt and I are friends, and Ernie and I -- I told Ernie I remember the first time we played together in Colorado at The International, I remember that, it was back in the early '90s I think it was when he first came out here. It's been a good road. Brandt is a little bit younger than Ernie, but it was fun playing with those two guys. They're both fine people.

Q. It's obviously been a bit emotional few days for you. You've gotten massive amounts of adulation --
TOM WATSON: Not for my golf game.

Q. Is it difficult for you to focus on your job, playing golf?
TOM WATSON: Well, it's not difficult. The crowds are very nice, very appreciative, and I'm appreciative back. I respect what they're doing for me. You know, you give respect to people who give you respect. That's what I've done. That's what I do.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TOM WATSON: Well, yeah, I have my family and friends here this week. We've got a whole bunch of people here, and I'm very appreciative to Peter Dawson and the R&A to take care of them. They've done -- you don't usually ask for that many passes (smiling), although I did one time back in 2010. But this has been fun to have them around. We're going to have a big party tomorrow night and have a good time tomorrow night.
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