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July 16, 2015

Retief Goosen


RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, yeah, it's nice to be here. Obviously well done, it's given me the opportunity to be here and managed to qualify in the pre-qualifying, but it's nice to be back here at the Home of Golf. I've played this course -- the first time I played here I was 18, so I've played quite a few rounds around here, and it's nice to be walking the fairways.

Q. Talk about your round today overall.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I hit the ball horrible on the driving range for some reason. But you know, once you get out on the course and you start seeing and feeling the shots you need to hit, my game plan, I hit it nicely. I made that one silly bogey on the third. I hit a poor tee shot into the bunker and had to come out sideways, but that was the only bad mistake.

Q. (Inaudible.)
RETIEF GOOSEN: Obviously 17 I also got lucky. I hit a poor second shot into 17. I was trying to hit it left of the flag and I hit of the flag, went over the green (inaudible). (Inaudible.) The back nine with the wind into off the left and some of the flags were a lot tighter, so scoring on the back nine was a lot harder.

Q. Can you conscious that the weather can turn so getting the birdies in today was important?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, maybe tomorrow when we tee off it might be perfect, who knows? You never know over here. The temperature in the last 45 minutes has suddenly dropped, too. It can be sunny the one moment and very cold the next. We'll just take it as it comes tomorrow.

Q. Do you have what it takes to win majors since you last did --
RETIEF GOOSEN: A long while.

Q. Playing like you did today, do you get a bit of a feeling (inaudible) that you can really be in contention here?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, definitely one of the best rounds I've played around here at St. Andrews, but you know, it's a long way to go. Mentally-wise, you need to be very strong, and we'll just take it one day at a time, see what the weather is going to do. Scoring is good, so there's a lot of players in with a chance, I think, come Saturday and Sunday.

Q. You mentioned on the range (inaudible)?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I was just struggling with the right-to-left breeze on the range there. I kept pulling everything left, so I was struggling to get the ball to start far enough right. But like I say, once you get out on the course and you get a bit of concentration going. It's a bit different.

Q. What are your expectations coming to this event?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, you know, like I said, it's a golf course I've played a long time, and the last two Opens that were here, I think I finished fifth and sixth or something, so I do like the course. So yeah, I would like to be there come Sunday and maybe have a chance, who knows. It would be great.

Q. A couple of weeks ago it was almost as if a switch was flipped. Did that set you on a path to coming here? You said you were going to qualify before you even went to qualify.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, you know, I sort of felt like I played okay in the last few events, although I missed the cuts. But I wasn't putting well enough, and today I made a few good putts, and it all comes down to putting, especially on the front nine, the way it was playing. A lot of wedges and so on that you could get close, and then you just had to make the putts. I know the greens fairly well around here. I've played here many, many times, and especially like my putt on 18, it's hard to see that it's actually going to break up the hill. It's just from playing lots of golf here and seeing those breaks before.

Q. Do you believe in fate?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Maybe there is something good coming. Yeah, I got lucky in the playoff with all three of us hitting horrible tee shots, and I hit mine out of the rough to 10 feet and they struggled. Maybe it's something good coming.
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