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July 16, 2015

Graham DeLaet


Q. Tough finish there.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, you know, I played great all day, extremely disappointing finish. The chip on 17 wasn't really that difficult, and I just kind of chubbed in, and then I mean, horrible shot. I was trying to get cute with one on 18 there. Tough way to finish because I really played great all day. I had so many opportunities. I felt like I could have been 7-, 8-under, but it is what it is. It's a 71 now.

Q. You looked like you were caught between putter and wedge on the 16th green. Was the one on 17 too close or too far away to putt?
GRAHAM DeLAET: No, it just had way too much break. If I would have putted that one, I would have had to play 15 feet of break. I would never change what I did, I would just try to hit it more solid.

Q. And 18 was just thinned?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, it was a little thin.

Q. Outside of those two holes are you happy with the way you played?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, like I said, I felt like I was in total control. I mean, I hit some really good putts that didn't go. I had a couple bad ones, I had a couple misreads. I mean, it was like I was 3-under and I felt like I couldn't have been anything worse, and then it's a really disappointing finish because I just played great all day. I feel like I've been playing great for a couple months and this is kind of how it's been. But keep plugging away. I know tomorrow is going to probably be a sting a little bit more because it was pretty good scoring conditions.

Q. Was there a distraction on 17 tee?
GRAHAM DeLAET: No, no, I tugged that, but I mean, if you're going to miss there, you're obviously going to miss left. You still have a aim left centre of the fairway but I tugged it. It had nothing to do with the distraction. It's just kind of a protective swing, I guess.

Q. (Inaudible.)
GRAHAM DeLAET: Well, you know, it's funny because during the practice rounds for that back left pin the miss is long and left, but I didn't -- I couldn't quite judge my lie there in the rough and I was trying to play it to the front right and the grass just grabbed my hosel and flipped it over. When I was in the air, I knew that if it was long enough, it covered the long grass, it was actually going to be a pretty good spot, and unfortunately I just didn't get it up-and-down
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