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November 17, 2005

Mark Hensby

Peter Lonard


RODDY WILLIAMS: Guys, can you just start us off, it's the first time you played in competition together I believe, and looked like you gelled pretty well out there. Mark, if you could start us off.

MARK HENSBY: Yes, we gelled real well. It was an exciting day. No, we had a good time and that was probably why we played so well.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Peter, can you talk us through today a little bit and how you clicked?

PETER LONARD: Well, I didn't make a birdie on the first six holes and Mark managed to birdie five holes, so that was as good as we were going to do. I would have thought. And then he had a rest for a while and I made a few birdies, then we sort of shared it coming in. Sort of probably could have made a few more birdies here and there, but anyway, that's how it goes. It was good.

RODDY WILLIAMS: You picked Peter as your partner, but what made you pick him amongst all of the other Australians?


MARK HENSBY: No, we had a good time at the Presidents Cup. We got on pretty well there, so it was a pretty easy choice. We have a similar personality. He's a little bit funnier than me.


MARK HENSBY: No, I think that I knew that him and I would get on well, so I figured that would be a good pick.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Australia has a pretty good record in the World Cup over the years, has won several times, do you want to carry on that tradition?

PETER LONARD: Yeah, suppose so, but if we don't, doesn't matter, get on the plane and go home. (Laughter.)

RODDY WILLIAMS: What do you think of the course out there?

MARK HENSBY: You know, I think if it gets windy, it will be a lot more difficult, obviously the scoring is very good. I think it's just a resort course where the fairways were brought in pretty good, and it's playing like that.

PETER LONARD: It's a good track. Depends on the wind, obviously foursome makes a different game. There might be a few partners wanting to kill each other by the end of tomorrow, but that's the nature of the game.

If it's like this, I expect the scores to be really good, particularly if you're going to win. If the wind gets up, who knows.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How are you guys in foursomes?

PETER LONARD: We'll find out tomorrow. We've never played before and we didn't practice any foursomes.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How many times have you played foursomes?

PETER LONARD: I've had three matches in my life.

MARK HENSBY: I've played a lot of foursomes in club competition and stuff like that. But Peter hadn't played much.

PETER LONARD: I've played three. It's an amateur game, you know, I didn't play amateur golf, so that counts me out.

Q. Mark, you won in Scandinavia in Stockholm putting very well, how important is putting on this course?

MARK HENSBY: Putting is important every week. Obviously in the format today, putting is important.

But foursomes tomorrow is definitely going to be different because you may not have a putt for four or five holes and all of the sudden you're going to make one. So tomorrow is probably going to be even more important.

PETER LONARD: He may need to be a very good chipper. (Laughing).

Q. The Indian team was here before and they said that the other teams probably don't look at India as a serious contender, but they think that they have a decent team. How do you think the other teams rate Australia right now?

PETER LONARD: Oh, I don't think anyone really -- I think they just think we're up to mischief most of the time. I think every team here is pretty good. The foursomes will be the telling tale. I think the guys that have the stronger team in the foursomes will turn out the best and the guys that have played foursomes could possibly play better.

You know, the Indian team is a great team, Arjun and the other dude, sorry, I don't know his name, but I've seen him around the PGA TOUR a few times and obviously they play good. So anyone can pull this off, it doesn't matter.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Mark, what do you know of him?

MARK HENSBY: Of the Indian team? I know Arjun's name, too, that's about it. No, everybody looks at Spain and Sweden, and as Pete says, if any team is going to gel well, and that's the big thing is if the team gels well. Foursomes is definitely going to tell the story I think by Sunday, especially the last day being foursomes. I don't think anyone really thinks that we've got a chance but we'll see.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Guys, thanks very much for coming in.

End of FastScripts.

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