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July 14, 2015

Todd Frazier


American - 6
National - 3

Q. Hi, Todd. They had Mike just in here a few minutes ago. They asked him about the charter flight. He said it was going to be a pretty fun flight. Do you want to talk about that? I think you're going to make him pay or something?
TODD FRAZIER: Oh, he's definitely paying. Two MVPs, for sure. Yeah, it will be a good time. Hopefully, he doesn't fall asleep, because I'm going to get him. Either way, it was a fun time. He had a great All-Star Game again, and well deserved.

Q. Todd, now that it's all over, you just look back on the whole week. I know it's hard to wrap it all up in your mind right now. What was it like for you just being celebrated the way you were this past week?
TODD FRAZIER: Spectacular. I can't say enough about the fans, how they treated me. It's tough to even put into words what I was going through yesterday and the excitement and the things I think about when I called time-out: I looked back and everybody is still fist-pumping me, "let's go! You got this." Just seeing my family get excited, having my kid on the field, that was one of the best moments I've had in baseball.

Q. Todd, you're obviously facing the best pitching in the world. So there's a reason why you don't get a hit. But after everything from last night, were you just spent physically, emotionally?
TODD FRAZIER: Yeah, a little bit. I saw a couple pitches that last at-bat. Yeah, just a little tired. But I definitely was trying to get a hit, and trying to help the team as much as possible. It's the best pitching in the world. So not everybody's Mike Trout. It's tough to do.

Q. Todd, you've kind of stepped up as the spokesman for not only the Reds but the city, as baseball has descended on us. What does this say about the city as a whole? How do you think the city represented itself to the country and to baseball?
TODD FRAZIER: I thought, Jesus, put them back on the map, to be honest. Everybody knew they were here. But seeing that Home Run Derby yesterday and the cheers, the whole stadium was rocking. Not everybody in that stadium was from Cincinnati. So it goes to show you -- people are going to be talking about the Home Run Derby for a long time now. How it's supposed to be done. They did a great job with that, great job with the All-Star stuff, festivities on and off the field. It was nice. Coming in here, everything was nice. Everybody was patient and excited. No rush anywhere. The guys behind the scenes you have to give credit to; they worked their tails off.

Q. Todd, I know you're still dealing with All-Star festivities just getting over. Can you talk about the second half of the season and particularly the series you have coming up with the Indians this weekend.
TODD FRAZIER: Yeah, crosstown rivals basically. I think they swept us earlier in the year. It's time. We've just got to keep winning series. We can't be thinking about what's going to happen or anything else. We've got to worry about that day. We've got to worry about Friday. When the next day comes, we'll worry about that. But we've still got some fireworks left. Hopefully, we'll show it here in the second half.

Q. Todd, playing third base for the Cincinnati Reds, did you feel any extra pressure, having one of the Franchise Four for the Reds, third baseman in the house tonight?
TODD FRAZIER: Really didn't think about it, to be honest. But it was so special to see those four guys there. I'm not even close to any of those guys. Hopefully down the road, maybe. Maybe in a sentence. But it was great to see those guys get the ovation that they got. And Pete Rose, I was telling guys, be ready, you might not be able to hear yourself clap. It was pretty nice.

Q. Todd, with you last night and Mike winning the MVP tonight, what do you think about the last two days with what you Jersey guys have done?
TODD FRAZIER: Put us back on the map, I guess. When you talk about the state, we've got a lot of great athletes there. We need more athletes coming out of there to keep playing baseball and other sports. We had Carli Lloyd win the USA Olympic gold medal and get the MVP there. So it's pretty cool so far, and I know both of them and we have a lot of pride in where we come from, and we take that very seriously.

Q. You obviously had the Home Run Derby last night so you got to experience playing in the All-Star environment here at home. What's the difference between playing in an All-Star Game on the road and playing in front of your hometown fans?
TODD FRAZIER: I think the biggest difference is you have people that love you and want to see you do well, most of them here. So I was, like I said, trying to put on a show for them. I didn't get a hit. I didn't do much, but you expect a little more out of yourself just because you're here at home. I tried, but just didn't have much energy or anything. It was just a lot of fun. Like I said, every time I got up there, I heard the crowd and you just wanted time to stop. It's just a pretty, pretty cool feeling.

THE MODERATOR: Todd, you were an exceptional spokesperson for a great All-Star Week in Cincinnati. We appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

TODD FRAZIER: Thank you.
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