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July 12, 2015

Johnson Wagner


Q. Great round, obviously. This whole tournament has been a good tournament for you. What was working this week for you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I putted really well. It was kind of frustrating, my swing kind of left me a little bit this weekend, but really happy with the way I grinded it out. I only made one bogey and should have made a bunch. But just really disappointed. You know, I got off to such a nice hot start today, and man, I was exhausted. I think it's a good lesson. I think I need to get in the gym and get a little more fit. I was zapped after walking that front nine, and I think I just got lazy with my swings and just didn't give myself enough looks, enough quality looks coming in. But I can't say enough about this tournament, about how much I love playing here. I mean that crowd around 18, I mean I was just -- I was having goose bumps watching Zach with a putt to tie. This has just turned into one of my favorite events in the last couple of years. I love coming here and really looking forward to being back next year.

Q. You knew you had the tournament within the tournament today. When Tom's doing what he's doing in front of you, what was the mentality?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, I was watching him. I always look at leaderboards on Sundays. I feel like it's nice to know what you need to do, and gosh, I thought Zach and I were tied for the lead at 18-under on the front nine, and I look up and Tom is 19-under. He was playing great, great guy. Looks like he's going to get that British Open spot, so good for him. And St. Andrews would have been fun.

Q. You look back, was there one thing you could have done differently? Was there anything you could have done differently?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I wish I'd just been a little more committed to some of my driver swings. I just real tight off the tee today.

Q. Today you were able to stay in some holes, too, where you didn't hit great shots maybe, but you scrambled in and you stayed in the hunt, too?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah. Short game was great. I think that scene from a poker movie, hanging around, hanging around. So I was hanging around all day, and yeah, it was good.

Q. The explosion on 16, where were you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I mean I was standing on the back of the green watching Zach, and man, he was a millisecond away from taking the putter away. And it was huge, it was loud. It scared me. And then I started laughing at him because of the way he reacted. But if I had been over the putt, completely focused on a putt, I think I would have had a heart attack if that had happened.

Q. Do you think he was rattled for a little bit?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, he was rattled for a second, but he did a great job calming himself down and getting some water and taking his time.
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