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July 12, 2015

Dean Herden


DEAN HERDEN: There's always 300 or 400 there at a time.

Q. Were there any here?
DEAN HERDEN: I didn't see any.

Q. I read something that she was a math prodigy as a child?
DEAN HERDEN: Fourth grade. She told me in fourth grade she won in Korea.

Q. She was smiling all the time. Did you sense nerves at any time from her?
DEAN HERDEN: No. The only time I saw her nervous was teeing off the second day. We got talking, I said, Are you okay? She said, Nothing, just feel a little bit nervous. But from yesterday to today she was just really calm.

Q. How long has she been on Tour?
DEAN HERDEN: Four or five years.

Q. What is the Dumbo reference?
DEAN HERDEN: She can hear people talking from 50 yards away. She's got big ears, she can hear. It's a bit of a twist to it.

Q. Usually that's a bad thing. What was the best shot you saw her hit all week?
DEAN HERDEN: Good question. She hit a shot on 15 yesterday to about two feet, I think it was, two or three feet. It was a key shot because that's a hole where you can make bogey just like that. The day before she was in the bunker. So just to whip it in there and managed to tap it in and got some momentum going.

Q. She had a good vibe on that hole today?
DEAN HERDEN: Yes, and that was a great shot she hit in.

Q. In your mind what was the turning point today?
DEAN HERDEN: Making bogey on 10. She pulled an 8-iron, and it went a little further and it was a bad lie, left it in the bunker, knocked it to a foot and tapped it in to get out of there and not make a double bogey. I think that was the key this week was not making a double bogey. Making 5 there was huge.

Q. How long have you been doing this?
DEAN HERDEN: 24 years.

Q. Any top male players that you worked for over the years?
DEAN HERDEN: I had some really good Japanese bosses.

Q. Where does this rank in your career?
DEAN HERDEN: Pretty high up there. It's the top three. You feel like you've caddied your ass off.

Q. There will probably be 2,000 people at the airport. Does she fly out tonight?
DEAN HERDEN: Tomorrow. I can't imagine what the airport is going to be like. I think one of the keys was I got to meet these girls when they were young, when I caddied for Gio. I met In Gee two years ago. We went and played the Hite tournament two years ago. I like the system over there. They're full professionals by the time they come here. They're seasoned. They are really seasoned Tour players when they get over here.

Q. Will you work for her again?
DEAN HERDEN: British Open
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