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July 12, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q. Just talk about how you put your heart and soul into this, how tough was that?
STACY LEWIS: Well, right off the first tee you could feel the energy in the crowd. I think I was definitely the one they were pulling for out there. There's two swings I'd like to have back, but other than that I played great. I fought my way through it. Proud of the way I hung in there. Through 14 holes, I was tied for the lead and had a chance. Given the start I had, I'd say it was a pretty good day.

Q. The shot on 5, was it the lie that gave you trouble there or did you fan it a little?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I was back up against the collar of the rough. And I knew it wasn't going to be in play little bit. I tried to just play a cut so I wouldn't catch as much of the grass, and it caught it and just opened it up more. Going back I'd probably try the same thing. I don't really know what I would do different.

Q. What kind of pep talk did you give yourself after that hole?
STACY LEWIS: I don't know. I just know the way this tournament is, and I know the way majors are that you can't give up. And it was way too early to throw the towel in. I felt like I hadn't missed a shot. I was hitting it the way I needed to, and I felt like I could make some birdies to still be in the tournament.

Q. We talked to you early in the week about how you love coming to places like this. Now that it's all over, do you feel the same way?
STACY LEWIS: It was an unbelievable week. Just the energy in the crowd right off the first tee. The first tee was packed. It gave me some energy. I think I hit my longest drive of the day off the first tee, which I never do. The energy of the crowd, just walking up 18, seeing the number of people around that hole was unbelievable. And it's great for women's golf. It's great that we're on a big stage like this.

Q. There was a lot of talk about how today's round would be like a match play situation. And I got the feeling that you never approached it that way. Just tried to stay inside of your game. After 5, when you found yourself in that position, did you scoreboard watch at all or were you just totally focused on each shot that you were playing and whatever happened, happened?
STACY LEWIS: I knew it wasn't going to come down to the two of us. I knew somebody was going to shoot a number to get up there. But I watch scoreboards, whether I'm barely making the cut or I'm in the last group. So it doesn't change for me. I was watching what was going on, but when you have the leader for most of the day in the group, you kind of know where you stand most of the day. I was watching a little bit. Obviously you could tell by some of the cheers and the roars there at the end that the group ahead of us was making some birdies.

Q. Do you think it's a no-brainer that this tournament has to come back here?
STACY LEWIS: I think it's a great golf course for us length-wise. We're playing a lot of the back tees on this golf course. So it's a great golf course for us. Great size of town. I think I played three Opens in Pennsylvania, and I think it's three of our biggest -- probably three of our biggest attendance. So I wouldn't be surprised if we're back in this area soon.

Q. What was the most challenging park of the course?
STACY LEWIS: I don't know, just it being the U.S. Open.

Q. Did you know you were tied for the lead when you walked off 14, and what were you thinking on 15 tee?
STACY LEWIS: I knew I was tied to for the lead, knew where I stood there. Just trying to hit a good drive, and probably hit the worst drive of the week. Just a bad swing. That's the one I wish I could have over again.

Q. Last year after the Open, you did well in Arkansas. Does it take the sting out a little bit that you're going to Toledo, another sort of home event for you?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I'll get over this eventually, but it will take a day or two. But just going and playing again right away will be nice because I'm playing well. I like the way I'm playing right now. So just not taking any time off I think is going to be a good thing.

Q. Like you said, you did play well with the exception of just two swings. Does it soften the blow at all that the two who finished ahead of you, there was eagle, birdie finish, and like three or four birdies on the back nine by Chun?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I think anytime you have a championship like this, you want to have somebody go out there and win it, and that's definitely what happened there at the end. I was pulling for Amy. I wanted to see a playoff. I wanted to see them come up 18 again with all the crowds there. That's what you want. You want things to happen at the end of a tournament like that. For both of them to birdie 17 is pretty unbelievable for me. They both played some unbelievable golf.

Q. What happened on 5? Was it mostly the lie that caused you --
STACY LEWIS: 5, it was all the lie. The tee ball just on the angle into the green was right up -- not right up against it. It would probably be easier if it was right up against it. But it was maybe four inches away from the rough cut, and the club just -- it got caught more than I thought it would coming down.

Q. Prior to this week what did you know about In Gee Chun?
STACY LEWIS: Never heard of her.
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