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July 12, 2015

Brooke Henderson


Q. Can you sum up your day for us?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It was a lot of fun today. I hit a lot of greens and gave myself a ton of opportunities which is always key. And I think it really started off yesterday when I really dug deep and found inner strength in the last couple of holes and it carried over today. Minus 4 on this type of golf course is always a great score and I was able to climb up the leaderboard a bit.

Q. The big story is that you might have gotten your card or you got very close to LPGA membership for next year. How do you feel about that?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I hope so, there's still a lot of golf left today and there's still a lot of golf left this summer, but it's definitely a good start, and if I can play well in a couple more tournaments I think I'll be close.

Q. What does this mean to you, besides getting your card, what does it mean to you in terms of experience?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It's awesome. I love major championships, and this year I've played really well in them so far. And I'm hoping to get to the Evian later this year and hopefully I'll continue that run. I have the British Open in a couple of weeks, too. I think the course played tough, and I'm able to play my own game, hit fairways, hit greens, which is always key.

Q. What was the difference over the weekend as opposed to Thursday and Friday?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think Thursday and Friday, you really need to get a good start and I didn't really quite to do that. I was sort close to the cut line on Friday, which is never a good thing. But after that I knew I had to go low to climb up the leaderboard a little bit so I tried to do that. The conditions here on this course have changed a lot over the last couple of days, and I think paying attention to those and knowing where to hit your shots was really important today.

Q. How satisfying is it to perform under the pressure of you only have a few more starts and you've got to make this much money?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. It's fun, though. It's exciting to know that I do have a chance to get my card for next year and doing something that a lot of people didn't believe was possible. So I'm very, very excited to be in the position I am and hopefully I'll play well in the British, and Canadian Open. And I have a Monday qualifier tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll play well there too.

Q. This is your third Women's Open, how did it compare to the previous two?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Three years ago, the U.S. Open was the first cut that I ever made on the LPGA Tour. It was my second start. Ever since then U.S. Opens have been pretty good to me, and all USGA events. I was second at the U.S. Am last year, too. I think the USGA championships are run beautifully. They're always amazing venues, and the rules officials and everybody with the USGA puts on a great show, great championship. And I'm always glad to be a part of them.

Q. Talk about the crowds that were here this weekend, record setting ticket sales.
BROOKE HENDERSON: It was incredible. It was a lot of fun to be able to play in front of them. Some of the cheers you could hear from holes over was crazy. I think it's awesome for the women's game, and I think if we can continue to get good crowds like this good things will continue.

Q. The birdie on 17, what did you hit into that hole?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Unfortunately 16 was such an easy birdie hole, and I only had a 24-yard chip shot and walked away with a bogey. 17, I hit my tee shot to just a couple of feet and was able to roll in the birdie, sort of made up for the bogey on 16.

Q. What club did you hit?

Q. Do you feel like this is the location that the USGA and possibly the Women's Open could come back to for a future major?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I do, yeah. The crowds were incredible, beautiful clubhouse and beautiful golf course and it's really tough. They had it set up really difficult this week. I think today might have been a little bit easier, I think some of the scores are a little bit lower. It's a great golf course.

Q. How are you getting to Toledo and what's your tee time tomorrow?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I am not sure what my tee time is yet, so I have to look it that up. And we're going to drive
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